"The standard sidearm for the Umbrella U.B.C.S. Known for its light weight, it is a handy weapon to have at your side."
— In-game Description

The UBCS Standard Issue is a handgun that appears in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and is available for use only by the U.S.S.. It is seen being used by Nicholai Ginovaef in Raccoon City Hall. Carlos Oliveira is also shown in the game with this weapon in mission 2 By the Trail of Our Dead. But he never can use this weapon in Heroes mode, because his team can use only Beretta M92 based Handgun which is common for Spec Ops forces. It is unlocked for players by default, meaning they do not have to purchase it with experience points.

UBCS standard in-game

In-game appearance

The UBCS Standard Issue has a 15-round magazine, decent damage, and a medium fire rate. Its an average pistol that had decent all around stats, but it should be replaced at some point by a pistol with better stats.


UBCS Standard Issue

Damage ORC bar 5 Range ORC bar 3
Blood Frenzy ORC bar 5 Rate of Fire ORC bar 4
Accuracy ORC bar 4 Ammo ORC bar 4

UBCS Silenced IssueEdit

"A suppressed variant of the Umbrella U.B.C.S. standard sidearm that provides its user with an increased level of stealth."
— In-game Description

There is also a Silenced variant of the UBCS Standard Issue. It is known in game as the UBCS Silenced Issue. Unlike its unsupressed variant, this does not come default and must be purchased for 4000 experience points to use. The Suppressed variant shares a lot of the stats with its unsuppressed variant, but sacrifices some of its Range but in return it has slightly increased Accuracy.


UBCS Silenced Issue

Damage ORC bar 5 Range ORC bar 2
Blood Frenzy ORC bar 5 Rate of Fire ORC bar 4
Accuracy ORC bar 5 Ammo ORC bar 4

Further NotesEdit

  • This weapon can only be used by the U.S.S. when playing in game, but Spec-Ops have a similar pistol available to them known as the Handgun. The Handgun has the same stats as the UBCS Standard Issue but is slightly different in appearance. The Handgun also has a suppressed version known as the Handgun SP which is completely identical to the UBCS Silenced Issue, with the exception of outer appearance.



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