DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

This unnamed President of the United States was President until the 2002 global T-virus pandemic.


When elected, the President was initially a good ally to the Umbrella Corporation, who were allowed to create a monopoly in the American economy. Upon the destruction of Raccoon City, the President called for an investigation to verify Umbrella's claims that the nuclear power plant had gone critical and exploded. The findings showed that Umbrella had lied and that it had in fact fired an illegally-obtained nuclear missile into the city to prevent the spread of the T-virus and then began covering up the event. Half of Congress was subsequently bribed by Umbrella to turn on the President, threatening a shutdown were he to reveal the results of the findings.[1]


Umbrella had failed to prevent the spread of the virus, it was revealed, and the virus made its way into San Francisco, California. It soon spread further, enveloping California; Oregon and Washington to the extent the entire states were under a state of emergency. Aware of Umbrella's involvement, the President called for their foremost experts Dr. Hoyt and Dr. Love to attend a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During this meeting, it was revealed that the virus had made its way to Oklahoma; Michigan and Baltimore, Maryland. Angered, the President declared Umbrella to have committed treason and set about closing the company should they escape infection.

During the meeting, one of the Generals transformed into a zombie and bit Dr. Love. Upon their executions by the Secret Service, the President ordered the White House to be sealed, both preventing any more infected entering the building and preventing already-infected employees from leaving.


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