"Remember your mission! We're doing a clean sweep of the area![note 1]"

The UT Commander was the leader of a unit of the Undertaker Unit,a specialized group of humanoid B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) models designed to remove incriminating evidence of Umbrella's wrongdoings. The commander was in fact human, and thus the only one not cloned or programmed to kill.


The UT Commander and his subordinates were sent to Sheena Island to accomplish their mission (to destroy all B.O.W.s and witnesses involved in the outbreak). After arriving, he is seen sending his units into action.

During the final few moments of the events at Sheena Island, the commander set off the island's self-destruct sequence.[1][excerpt 1][note 2]


Further notes

  • It is unknown if he managed to escape the island before it exploded, but in one possible ending, he was killed by Hypnos-T Type. Whether or not this is the canon ending is unknown.
  • His cutscene and model files are named "Hank" respectively, a possible reference to HUNK; Though it's unknown if there is any relation, if at all.
  • Due to his specialized role as U-T commander, it is possible he is or was a former member of the USS.


  1. Actual line: "街に生き残っている人間は全て抹殺しろ!女、 子供、 老人は無論たとえ我がアンブレラ社の幹部であろうと躊躇する必要はない皆殺しにするのだ!"
  2. This terminology is used in the storyline path where Ark and the UT Commander meet. However, the scene was translated differently for the voice acting.
    "It's unfortunate, but I do not have time to respond to questions of differents" (生憎だが貴様の質問に応える時間はない Ainikudaga kisama no shitsumon ni kotaeru jikan wanai?)
  1. Capcom Production Studio 4. BIOHAZARD GUN SURVIVOR (in Japanese). (Capcom Co., Ltd.). Scene: UT-Commander death scene.

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