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The Uber Licker was a bioweapon developed by the Umbrella Corporation for use in their Umbrella Prime facility in Siberia.

Development and Mutation

At least one Uber Licker was developed in Umbrella Prime at Siberia, where it was deployed to terminate Leon's strike team at the Moscow simulation. The monster consumes Sergei's head and is about to attack his comrades before briefly knocked out from getting hit by Alice's car. Quickly returning to its feet, Uber Licker proceeds to chase Alice and company while trampling Las Plagas Undead force who unfortunate enough to get into its way. The beast soon incapacitated by Alice who had it buried alive beneath the collapsed ceiling of the subway.

After digging its way out of the rubble, the monster took its time encasing Sergei's headless body inside a cocoon before returning for the intruders. Knocking Barry to the ground, Uber Licker fatally knocked "Good" Rain to the wall, snapped her neck in process before snatching Becky away with its tongue up the elevator shaft right to its nest and encasing her inside another cocoon and wait for Alice to rescue the child. It then cornered the two at a section of clone factory just as Becky suffers an existential crisis. As the beast lunges for them, Alice reassured to Becky that she is her mother now before blowed the monster with a grenade, all while using Ada's grappling hook to escape both Uber Licker's attack and the blast before escaping the collapsing facility. The grenade blast, coupled with with the explosion that destroyed the Umbrella Prime, ultimately ended the beast for good.


As an extensively improved Licker, the Uber Licker is a towering beast, its massive size comparable to a small house. Its physiology and abilities were also greatly improved upon, developing a forked tongue strong enough to ensnare a grown man, sharper claws, and a greater durability to weapons fire in spite of lack of skin. It also gains the ability to encapsulate prey inside organic cocoons made of thick resin. These cocoons interestingly do not infect the prey inside, despite the structure being made of an organic matter likely composed of the t-Virus.

Though never expanded upon, this bio-weapon was likely produced in various Umbrella laboratories across the globe, as multiple creatures were seen to be active in the Washington state area.

Further notes

  • While they are not named in the film itself, the "Uber Licker" is named several times in the commentaries for Resident Evil: Retribution DVDs.


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