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Ubistvo was the result of a Complete C-Virus mutation encountered by Ada Wong in Lanshiang, followed by Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin.[1] Its name is derived from the Serbian word for "murder".[2]


Neo Umbrella's research into the "Ubistvo" concluded that, because of its destructive personality, its introduction into the battlefield should only be done in "special situations".[2]

As it turned out, the Lanshiang bioterror outbreak was one such instance. Exploring the Waiyip district, Ada Wong encountered an Ubistvo as it chainsawed its way through its Chrysalid. Initially escaping the creature, she was later forced to fight it on a railway line and the roof of a train, where she eventually succeeded in defeating it once it was knocked into an electrical sign, falling to the streets below.

Little did Ada know that the Ubistvo had landed in front of Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller, as they made their way through Koocheng. The duo eventually weakened the creature with firearms, enabling Jake to impale it with a steel pole and Sherry to electrocute it with a stun rod, supposedly killing it. However, it was merely incapacitated. Soon it ambushed them after they attempted to get to their meeting point with Simmons via boat. Ada, noticing their struggle, aided the duo in their attempt to kill it by shooting it through the head with a sniper rifle which stunned the creature long enough for them to reach the boat, though it continued to chase after them. The Ubistvo ambushed them at a sunken pagoda but Jake and Sherry were able to stun it again and the dazed monster staggered into an electrical sign which electrocuted it and caused it to collapse into the water, enabling them to escape onto another boat.

The Ubistvo recovered quickly and tried to prevent them from reaching dry land by using its saw to cut down smokestacks to block their path. When this failed, it leaped onto the boat and attacked them. However, Ada, who was watching the battle from above, used a crane to drop steel girders onto the monster, crushing it.

Ubistvo's incredible resilience enabled it to survive this attack and it made one final attempt to kill Jake and Sherry. It ambushed them when they reached the shore and trapped Sherry on the boat where it moved in for the kill. The boat began slowly drifting towards a helicopter Chris Redfield had downed where Jake and Ada noticed that the blades were still rotating, which prompted Ada to use her grapple gun to swing onto the boat and grab Sherry just before the Ubistvo delivered the killing blow. Unable to escape the boat, the Ubistvo was shredded to pieces by the helicopter blades, finally destroying the tenacious creature.