Ubistvo Defeated is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 3 of the Ada Story. Storyboards were drawn by either Takeshi Miyazawa or Yoshihiro Sono, and were published in the BIOHAZARD 6 STORY GUIDE book.


After Ada save Sherry and handed her Jake with grapple hook, she is now at the roof. Unable to do anything, the Ubistvo was shredded to pieces by the helicopter blades, finally destroying the tenacious creature. She then heard the BSAA second in-command Piers Nivans along with SOU Captain Chris Redfield, who are chasing her doppelgänger with the Jeep. Leon is in China too as well. She muses that the entire affair seems more like a Raccoon City reunion. She then leaves Jake and Sherry as she proceeds.


Piers: "This is Piers Nivans!"
"Ada Wong is moving south towards the military port!"
"Advising all personnel to be on the alert!"
Ada: "It's like a Raccoon City reunion."
"Catch you two later."

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