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"A soft yet delightfully chewy intelligence agent, with a simple, uncomplicated flavor. His one weakness is that he's susceptible to the environment, giving him a short shelf life. He grows hard with exposure to air, but his original softness can be restored by steaming him for a short time. To take maximum advantage of his special skills, it's best to send him on limited (bite-sized) missions. No one can stop his evolution."
— Joke description of Uiro-Mochi, seen on the loading screen

Uirō​-Mochi is one of the playable Tofus in The Tofu Survivor game mode present in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

How to unlock

Uirō​-Mochi is unlocked by completing The Tofu Survivor once.  As such, players are forced to complete it using the default Tofu initially.


Uirō​-Mochi's pre-determined loadout includes:


Because Uirō-Mochi only has Hand Grenades, it's advised to either kill most enemies in your path, run past enemies if possible, or allow them to grab Uirō-Mochi from the front, as being grabbed from behind doesn't allow the character to use a sub-weapon to counterattack. However, the Ivy Zombie can be counterattacked even if they grab the player from behind.

Additionally, there are two enemies on stairs in this mode - one at the area that leads to the East Storage Room / Roof and another near the end, below the Entrance. These zombies will damage the player if grabbed, so it's important to kill them with the grenade instead of using it as a counter.

Uirō-Mochi has no healing items, so any damage taken will stay until the end of the mode. Because of this, it's very important to not allow the G monsters to poison Uirō-Mochi.

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Further notes

  • Finishing The Tofu Survivor with Uirō-Mochi grants the player the "An Acquired Taste" record which unlocks his model in the model viewer.
  • Both Uirō and Mochi are examples of Japanese rice cakes.


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