Umbrella's End 2 is second part of the titular section of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles's "Umbrella's End" scenario.


Chris and Jill step off the elevator and are faced with a great number of zombies. Once they are killed, the pair enter a locker room and pass through a decontamination shower containing zombies, and exit through another locker room. They make their way through lit laboratory hallways, and emerge in a flooded room. After dispatching the Neptune enemies, Chris and Jill are presented with another fork. Both left and right paths take them opposite sides of a warehouse for storing B.O.W.s, which also contains an incinerator for destroying failed experiments. Both sides of the warehouse take Chris and Jill to another set of brightly-lit hallways. Here, they are presented with a trap involving a mine on the wall activated with a laser tripwire. The two eventually come to a hallway in which lasers activate along the walls, and they must evade the deadly beams. The security door in the hall is locked, so the two exit back into the lit hallways, and enter a large room containing a desk with computers, and a large device in the center. After dispatching many enemies in this room, Chris and Jill enter an elevator to take them to the lowest levels of the facility.





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