Umbrella's End 3 is third part of the titular section of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles' "Umbrella's End" scenario.


As they ride the elevator down, Chris and Jill must fight off B.O.W.s that drop down from above. When the elevator reaches the bottom, Chris and Jill emerge in a surveillance room lined with computer screens. The next room is a large area containing large explosive barrels that can be used to defeat enemies. As they climb the stairs to the upper walkway, Chris trips a laser-activated trap that detonates the explosive barrels above the walkway, destroying it and forcing the two to take an alternate route. They enter a series of rooms connected in a honeycomb-like shape to confuse intruders, but Chris and Jill manage to navigate the maze-like area and enter the final area. Running down a long hallway, they emerge in a circular room somewhat like an arena. Sergei Vladimir greets them over the speakers, addressing them as "fellow soldiers", only for Chris to dismiss him as "another Umbrella psycho". Sergei activates T.A.L.O.S., an armored Tyrant armed with a rocket launcher, and the creature attacks Chris and Jill. After removing its armor and dealing enough damage, T.A.L.O.S. begins to mutate, changing its form and growing in power, but Chris and Jill defeat it once more, and the biohazard containment group shuts down the facility. Outside, Chris and Jill acknowledge that Umbrella's end is only a matter of time, but that Wesker is still their true enemy.


The two continued to descend deeper and deeper as if plunging down into the depths of hell itself. Jill and Chris drew closer to the most powerful threat they had ever faced, the new B.O.W.

Jill: "Looks like we're pretty deep inside. Come on!"

最大の脅威、 新型B.O.W.との距離は刻々と短くなっていく。

Jill: "ここが…最深部ね行きましょう!"




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