The Umbrella's End 3 ending (tentative) is the ending cutscene to the main "Umbrella's End" story in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.



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Chris Redfield: "They're done for. We struck a fatal blow."
Jill Valentine: "The end of Umbrella is just a question of time. But..."
Chris: "Yeah..."
"He's still out there."

Albert Wesker (narrating): "The Talos project Umbrella placed so much faith in had failed."
"However, Chris and the others were a little too quick to pat themselves on the back."
"It was not by justice or fate that they would prevail against Umbrella that day."
"No, it was only with my help that they were able to succeed."
"The only thing that can defeat power is more power."
"Ironic perhaps,"
"but the truth can be so cruel."

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