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"UmbrellaWarning" was a promotional "email" hidden on the now-defunct as part of the Inserted Evil ARG campaign which advertised Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

It appears to be warning Umbrella employees as to the liability of their research staff and activities by the Organization. It appears to have been largely deleted, perhaps in an attempt by Umbrella to cover their tracks; however, some of the message has survived the process.


$£$XX )* HUYF FF %$£23& the area at all times. UnauthoriZZZ (){sonnel are to
be detained by on site security immediately in the closest secure area. The most
important of these is the increased activity by The Organization and we have
reason to believe that they have their foremost agents active in and
around Arklay and RC. We'v@ h@d repxxtz th"||||| among them, includ&*% codename
Mi*#€€€¢¢$$......>da Won&.

Do not take any chances - use all means at your dis&*$$$ ti ebsyre that Umbrell!

<<Message section lost>>

&^* UUsearchers, which are a potential weakness. They often do not realize the
value of their work to other parties. Or more worryingly, perhaps they do. We
systematically run checks and assessments to ensure that no-one working in the
labs has been compromised, but these cannot be guaranteed. Vigilance on your part
is the best defence as the researchers themmmmmm dddd nnt realize they X££* been
targeteeeee.iiiiiii xc3 33!@

<<Remainder of message lost>>