Rodem 5.0

the "Rodem."

The Umbrella "Rodem" System is an Umbrella computer system used in the NEST. As of late-September 1998, the last known update to the system was version 5.0. The system can be accessed in both Scenarios of Resident Evil 2 by a computer in the B5F computer room.

By using the username "Guest" and registering their fingerprint (in both the A and B scenario), players will be able to gain access to the B4F culture room. In each scenario, players must also register each character's fingerpring by the scanner at the front door of the Culture Room.

In Resident Evil 2, the "Rodem" system can be accessed from a computer in the B5F computer room after obtaining the Lab Card Key. Upon entry, the room has been infested by a Giant Moth and its larvae, which must be defeated to use the computer. By using guest accounts, Leon and Claire are able to log into the system and register both of their fingerprints.[1]

Once Leon and Claire are logged into the system, they can use both of their fingerprints on a door lock in the B4F east area passage to gain access to the B4F culture room, where Birkin conducted various experiments.[2][3]


Location Localization Original script
Ver 5.0
Culture Experiment Room Staff Registry. ”培養実験室スタッフ登録”
Enter your user name. ”ユーザー名を入カレてください”
Correct name used Register your fingerprint. ”指紋を登録してください”
Please wait..... ”登録中”
Registration complete. ”登録終了”
Guest registration is valid for 24 hours. ”GUESTでの登録は24時間のみ有効”


Further notes

  • Despite being referred to as a "system", the "Rodem" is most likely a computer program. The operating system on the computer is the same as the one at the reception desk in the police station's main hall. As that computer also uses a door lock service and shares similarities to the lab's computer, it is possible that it also uses the "Rodem" system to control the precinct's electronic locks.
  • The bottom menu bar (File, Editing, Mode, Image, Filter, Selection, Window) is very similar to Adobe Photoshop 3.0 menu bar (File, Edit, Mode, Image, Filter, Select, Window, Help). Could be an easter egg or reference.


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