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The Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.) was a private military force owned by the Umbrella Corporation, specializing in rescue operations during biohazard outbreaks. It was founded by former Soviet Colonel Sergei Vladimir.


Although the U.B.C.S. has been very successful in every operation but one, the unit suffers a high mortality rate due to the hazardous nature of their missions. Thus, the U.B.C.S. is comprised almost exclusively of convicted war criminals and mercenaries from around the world who joined the U.B.C.S. as an alternative to capital punishment for any crimes.  Despite this, the U.B.C.S. is actually the least corrupt group in the Umbrella Corporation as the mercs participate in rescue operations, humanitarian aid and actually help the survivors during the Raccoon City outbreak as well as being unaware of the company's corrupt nature (except the supervisors within their units or rogues willing to betray them). The unit consisted of about 120 operators divided into four platoons, named in the N.A.T.O. Phonetic Alphabet as "Alpha", "Bravo", "Charlie", and "Delta".


UBCS operators being deployed.

The U.B.C.S. became a critical element of Umbrella's bio-weapons enterprise in the 1990s. Due to the volatile nature of the trade and the secret nature of creatures like the Hunters, only Umbrella's paramilitary groups had sufficient training to counter accidental releases. Because of the risk of infection, U.B.C.S. operators were provided with antiretroviral medication in the event of being exposed to the virus.[1]

Between May and July 1998, acts of sabotage took place in Umbrella's facilities in the Arklay Mountains, leading to various t-Virus strains and B.O.W.s escaping into the wild. A number of civilians were killed, leading to a police investigation which resulted in the destruction of the Arklay Laboratory and a large forest fire. This forest fire did not eradicate the infection, and over the Summer reports of monster sightings continued. By early September, the t-Virus had made its way into Raccoon City, and Raccoon General Hospital was awash with patients who had mutated from exposure, dubbed "Zombies". On Wednesday 16 September, Umbrella HQ ordered the mobilisation of the U.B.C.S. Before they could reach Raccoon City, however, a raid on NEST by the Umbrella Security Service backfired in the early hours of Wednesday 23 September, and caused a modified ε strain to find its way into the sewer ecosystem and, eventually, the drinking water in Victory Lake.

Raccoon City deployment

The U.B.C.S. arrived in Raccoon City on the night of Saturday 26 September, following two days of massive rioting and murders committed by Zombies, who had swelled to tens of thousands strong. The U.B.C.S. force, consisting of four Platoons, received orders to assist in the evacuation of civilians. How far Umbrella was prepared to do so is unknown, though it should be noted Platoon Delta's Aérospatiale Puma had orders against evacuating civilians from the platoon's intended base at St. Michael Clock Tower. The real purposes for the U.B.C.S. presence were twofold: firstly, Umbrella HQ wanted rid of any incriminating information which could be discovered by others and, secondly, Umbrella HQ wanted to catalogue the success of B.O.W.s and irregular mutants against trained professionals. The individual Platoons and Squads had their own unique objectives around the city, and were kitted accordingly. Monitors within the U.B.C.S. were given further orders, dubbed "Bravo-16", to record the effectiveness of the mutants against the U.B.C.S.,[2] destroy the Raccoon General Hospital which Umbrella HQ became aware was developing a vaccine,[2] and observe the Nemesis-T Type,[2] which was sent into the city to kill all S.T.A.R.S. members to assess its intelligence.

The U.B.C.S. suffered catastrophic losses against the Zombies on the first night, and even Umbrella HQ totally underestimated the scale of the outbreak,[1] genuinely believing the U.B.C.S. would have remained operational in spite of heavy casualties. Not only were many swarmed by Zombies and eaten alive, but others were infected by contaminated water, not having been aware of it. Little is known of actual U.B.C.S. operations over the next several days.

Delta Platoon, led by Cpt. Mikhail Viktor, suffered severe losses in its opening hours. St. Michael Clock Tower was captured soon after their arrival,[1] but its planned use as a fortress never came to fruition. By Sunday 27 September the mercenaries in the clock tower largely consisted of severely wounded mercenaries unfit to defend it, and were promptly looted of weapons and ammunition by those that could.[1] Delta Platoon was to ring the bell in the clocktower to alert their helicopter either at the end of their mission or to evacuate after sustaining heavy casualties.[3] The bell, however, was not operational as it was undergoing servicing at the time of the outbreak. As a result, the survivors were trapped within the clock tower, and ultimately perished at some point on Monday 28 September.[1]

Of the individual teams within Delta Platoon. Cpl. Carlos Oliveira is the only known survivor of the Alpha Team by Monday, and while four members of the Bravo Team survived the week their leader, Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev, was separated. Nothing is known of Charlie and Delta Teams. Echo Team had specific orders to push through Downtown Raccoon City, and evacuate civilians northwards to the clock tower;[3] only two survived the first night.[1] Platoon Delta's leader, Cpt. Mikhail Viktor, was seriously injured on the first day, and was taken to Central Street Station where Zombies had engaged with Raccoon SWAT. He, Sgt. Zinoviev, Cpl. Oliveira and perhaps other survivors spent the next two days stuck in a tram, though it was certainly down to only three men by the night of the 28th. The three worked with ex-S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine to salvage parts for the tram in order to take it to the St. Michael Clock Tower. Sgt. Zinoviev, a Monitor, understood that the Nemesis-T Type had been sent into the city to hunt down Valentine and anyone working with her, and faked his death in the hopes the B.O.W. would not recognise him as a threat. The B.O.W. attacked the tram when it became operational, and Cpt. Viktor killed himself in a suicide bombing in an attempt to kill the creature. This failed, though it was incapacitated for a time. Cpl. Oliveira and Valentine arrived at the clocktower to find everyone dead and, finding parts for the bell mechanism, were able to sound the alert for the helicopter. The Nemesis-T Type succeeded in shooting down the helicopter with a rocket launcher, however, cutting Cpl. Oliveira off from escape. Cpl. Oliveira saved Valentine in a fight against the B.O.W., though she was infected; until Thursday 1 October, he kept beside her in a chapel.

Outside of Delta Platoon actions prior to 1 October, virtually nothing is known. One team of an unidentified Platoon, of which Clint belonged, was given U.B.C.S. life jackets, indicating their objectives involved the rivers or dockyards. Another team, led by Claus, had orders to obtain a sample of a mutant t-Virus strain accidentally created by Dr. Cameron, which made copies of her personality in those she infected. The five-man team was wiped out with the exception of a Monitor, Roger, who was infected. Another team, led by Arnold, remained operational for most of the week.

Final days

As of midnight on Tuesday 29 September, all paramilitary united within and around Raccoon City were placed under the direct command of Col. Sergei Vladimir.[4] Faced with the increasing likelihood of the United States military going to extreme measures to contain the outbreak, U.B.C.S. personnel still within contact continued to carry out their duties to the last unaware of the political developments. Rather than choose to escape the city early, Sgt. Zinoviev spent his time hunting down his fellow Monitors to steal their data, which would increase his pay. In the early hours of Thursday 1 October, Bravo Team Monitor Tyrell Patrick was killed in the Raccoon General Hospital, either by sabotage or his own hand; the building blew up soon after after Sgt. Zinoviev set of C-4 charges he had rigged up.

Sgt. Nikolai travelled southward to Raccoon University, where he met up with Bravo Team to complete his team's mission. Dr. Greg Mueller had worked with the Tyrant Project team in creating a new B.O.W., dubbed Thanatos, but refused to hand it over once completed and began working on a t-Virus vaccine as leverege. As part of Operation: Emperor's Mushroom, Bravo Team was given orders to obtain or destroy Thanatos so it could not be used by rival bio-weapons developers, while Sgt. Zinoviev held the additional task of blowing up the building and assassinating Dr. Mueller. The team, with the exception of Sgt. Zinoviev, was wiped-out by Thanatos as he fired a special capsule into it to collect a blood sample. Otherwise, the mission was a success in denying Thanatos, which was severely injured by the faculty building's collapse, and soon after killed by a group of civilian survivors.

Elsewhere, a team led by Arnold was taken over by Tommy Neilsen, an Umbrella executive representing the dockyards. An operation by the Umbrella Security Service's 2nd Squad to evacuate an experimental B.O.W. called "Nyx" had failed, with its team being killed or infected. Captain Rodriguez ignored subsequent orders from Umbrella and began preparations to take the B.O.W. out on a Chinook for himself. The U.B.C.S. team camped out on an elevated highway not far from the Chinook, and had mines planted around the area to force him to escape via the air, where it would be hit by a rocket launcher. During the operation, Umbrella HQ became aware of the American President's decision Raccoon City be bombed at dawn. While Neilsen was already aware of the plans, he neglected to tell Arnold, and when the team finally did become aware they decided to abandon the city instead.[note 1]

On the northeastern outskirts of the city, Sgt. Zinoviev made plans to escape the city via a helicopter kept in the scrap yard outside Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A. Heading in via Raccoon Park, he discovered that the Umbrella radio station had been found by noneother than officer Valentine. He was unable to kill her due to the sudden attack of an irregular mutant, and continued on to P-12A, where he made his escape.

In spite of the massive loss of life on Umbrella's part, their mission in Raccoon City was a resounding success due to the combat data Sgt. Zinoviev was able to bring back per "Bravo-16".


UBCS unit as seen in Outbreak series.

In keeping with their important and dangerous role in anti-B.O.W. combat, U.B.C.S. mercenaries wore military-grade tactical gear. The standard uniform consisted of black combat boots; beige-colored fatigue pants; a green fatigue shirt, webbing over the shirt to carry equipment, and a black balaclava and tactical goggles. The U.B.C.S. emblem was imprinted on the back of their uniform as a further means of identification. Individuals had freedom to customise elements of uniform such as shirt length. Only officers are known to have worn the U.B.C.S. green beret. Mercenaries working near water were provided with orange life jackets carrying the U.B.C.S. insignia.

Some mercenaries are known to have carried their pistols in drop-leg holsters, whereas others used a cross-draw holster attached onto their webbing.


U.B.C.S. mercenaries were armed with weapons intended for military use. The standard rifle was the M4A1, with no accessories. The standard sidearm was the SIG Pro SP2009, though some mercenaries are known to have possessed STI Eagle 6.0s.[5]

Mk3A2 H.E (High Explosive) grenades were common, and were notably used by Mikhail Viktor and Tyrell Patrick. For heavy conflict, each platoon was also equipped with several disposable AT-4 anti-tank rocket launchers.

U.B.C.S. members armed with the Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun were encountered fighting Thanatos to little effect. Nikolai Zinoviev used a special launcher attached to a Heckler & Koch PSG-1 to take a blood sample of the same Tyrant, but the rifle itself was never actually fired. The U.B.C.S. unit tasked with hunting down the bio-weapon Nyx were also armed with MP5 machine guns. Another operator, Arnold was seen using a PSG-1 as well.

The weapons used by Claus' team were similar to the standard weapons used by Delta Platoon, though the M4 carbines used by Claus' unit had M203 Grenade Launchers mounted beneath the barrel, along with a single Benelli M3 shotgun. Throughout their mission, the unit rode in a flatbed HUMVEE with an attached Browning M2 .50 heavy machine gun. While most of Claus' team carried the same SIG SP2009s as the U.B.C.S. members in Resident Evil 3, Claus carried an additional SIG P225.

The U.B.C.S. had a complement of light armor personnel carriers and transport aircraft such as the Aérospatiale Puma helicopter.[6] A U.B.C.S. armored personnel carrier was also used in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.

Known U.B.C.S. personnel

Umbrella sent 120 mercenaries into Raccoon City.[7] The following are confirmed members of the unit:

Name Role Team Status
Arnold Platoon Leader Platoon Charlie Alive
Billy Unknown Platoon Charlie Alive
Campbell Squad E Platoon Delta Deceased
Clint Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mac Dowell Unknown Platoon Charlie Unknown
Dustin Squad B Platoon Delta Deceased
Ed Unknown Claus' squad Deceased
Karl Squad B Platoon Delta Deceased
Claus Squad Leader Claus' squad Deceased
Matt Unknown Platoon Charlie Alive
Norman Squad Driver Claus' squad Deceased
Carlos Oliveira Squad A Platoon Delta Alive
Tyrell Patrick Monitor Platoon Bravo Deceased
Robert Vehicle Gunner Claus' squad Deceased
Roger Monitor Claus' squad Unknown
Murphy Seeker Squad A Sniper Platoon Alpha Deceased
UBCS 3 Squad B Platoon Delta Deceased
Mikhail Viktor Captain; Platoon leader Platoon Delta Deceased
Nikolai Zinoviev Sergeant; Monitor; Squad B Leader Platoon Delta Unknown


Further notes

  • In Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles, Umbrella's forces are seen being transported by a variety of aircraft including UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters.
  • The APCs featured in Outbreak resemble M8 Greyhounds. This is strange because M8s are quite old APCs dating back to the Second World War, though it does remain in service in some countries.



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