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The Umbrella Chemical Plant was a large industrial complex located in Arklay County, some distance into the Arklay Mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City. The chemical plant was one of Umbrella USA's many publicly-known facilities in the area. The chemical plant was itself built atop NEST, a top-secret bio-weapons research facility, with senior research staff such as Dr. William and Annette Birkin using it as cover.[note 1]


When the chemical plant was opened is uncertain, though it is known the laboratory complex beneath it was completed in 1991. While its location outside Raccoon City would have spared it from the Sterilization Operation, it was likely already destroyed by the self-destruction of the NEST complex.


Train moving through chemical plant

The chemical plant was built around a purpose-built railyard to allow for the rapid transport of chemicals to and from the plant, as well as materials for Umbrella's illegal experiments to reach NEST via a cargo elevator that also served as a railway turntable outside an engine shed. A control room was underground adjacent to the turntable from which it could be activated and deactivated where necessary. The shelter itself also provided access to one of the Arklay Mountains' many caverns through which a cablecar was built to transport staff from the rail yard to other facilities uphill.

The chemical plant was or appeared fully operational in September 1998, and utilised railway lines to transport cargo and personnel into train yards on one side of the plant. One of the shelters was used by Umbrella USA as the accessway to NEST, consisting of an elevator for personnel, with the nearby turntable itself being a massive cargo elevator for transporting the train itself. A basement level beneath this yard was used to both power the turntable, and to allow additional transport to other facilities by way of ropeway through limestone caverns.


Further notes[]

  • The Resident Evil 2 remake was to have the players reach the factory by way of a cable car into the mountains. This was cut in favour of an underground cavern taking the player straight to NEST.
  • A translation error in the Panel room's examine text implies this is a "construction site". However, the description in Japanese refers to it as a "factory" (工場 Kōjō?).


  1. In Resident Evil 2, Sherry tells Claire her parents work at the chemical plant.

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