Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
"That was... Satisfactory."
— The Commander to Abraham Jackson, regarding 3A7's test results.

"The Executive" is a character in Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. He is described as a powerful, high-ranking official in Umbrella Co. His identity remains classified even to fellow high-ranking Umbrella Co. employees.


Nothing is known of the Umbrella Co. executive's identity or past, though it appears he may have been involved in the organization's founding due to his unbreakable authority within it and ability to remain anonymous.

At an undisclosed period of time, The Executive had formed a group of mercenaries tasked with completing various trials within quarantined areas that had been contaminated by bio-weapons. This program was dubbed The Experiment. For unexplained reasons, the program had eventually reached a hiatus, but was eventually resumed in March, 2012 with Abraham Jackson placed in charge of 3A7.

In May 2012, 3A7's combat data statistics sparked the Umbrella Co. executive's interest, who planned to spectate his next assignment in Spain. This resulted in him manipulating the parameters already put in place to further test 3A7. It was during this assignment that Abraham Jackson noted the executive had a peculiar familiarity to the locale, as though he had been there before.

In a fit of curiosity, Abraham launched an investigation on the executive to uncover the person's identity. He was willing to go as far as accessing the DNA archives with a hair sample he secretly obtained. Abraham's investigation was quickly exposed to The Executive however, resulting in his immediate disappearance and presumptuous death.

Further notes

The use of D.C. Douglas in the English language version of the game is a purposeful attempt to imply the executive is Albert Wesker or a clone of him.

The executive also displayed acute knowledge of the 2004 Abduction of the President's Daughter, an incident that Albert Wesker had played a significant role in.


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