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The Umbrella Committee was a provisional board of directors representing the entirety of the Umbrella Corporation during the global T-virus pandemic. It replaced the official board of directors, Umbrella High Command, whose the members of which were preserved in cryogenic suspension. Some of its leaders were clones of the board members.


In committee structuring, one person was chosen by each remaining facility as their representative to the committee. In the meetings, they discussed issues, such as new breakthroughs in research or resource issues. Meetings were led by a designated chairperson, who coordinated meetings and had the power to veto decisions by representatives.


At the turn of the 21st century, Umbrella's board of directors, chaired by Dr. Alexander Isaacs, voted in favour of using their T-virus in a deliberate plan to wipe out humanity to return the Earth to environmental, political and agricultural stability. Over a nine-year period, all people on Earth with the exception of the cryogenically-preserved elect were to be wiped out, and an airborne Anti-Virus strain released to destroy the Undead. With the Earth cleansed, the elect were to be released from suspension to repopulate the world. In the lead-up to the global T-virus pandemic, The Hive's security guard, Spence, was manipulated into stealing T-virus samples to sell on the black market and to infect the facility's own staff who were unaware of the doomsday project. However, he was killed before he could sell the samples, and the Hive facility was ordered to be reopened to allow the infected staff to take over Raccoon City. Though the T-virus did consume Raccoon City, unsuspecting members of Umbrella's security services and the US military succeeded in preventing further spread with the use of quarantining and a nuclear device. To guarantee the domesday plot would work, the Committee ordered for a second outbreak on the streets of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. Following this outbreak's success, Umbrella's researchers and security members barricaded themselves in designated facilities representing their region or country.

For the next several years, the committee held meetings to discuss the problems faced in the outbreak, which was not going to the board of directors' plan. With the exception of Chairman Wesker, the Committee became seated by people who had no idea of Umbrella High Command's plan, and instead considered starving the Undead or, in the proposal of a clone of Dr. Isaacs, turn them into a docile labour force through a mutant T-virus strain. Chairman Wesker eventually restricted further research after Isaacs' rebellion to create this mutant strain. The committee did not survive for long afterwards, with Isaacs's execution by Slater and Wesker's detonation of a bomb in his Tokyo headquarters. What little remained of Umbrella following the loss of Tokyo was led by the fragmental personal leaderships of Chairman Wesker; another clone of Isaacs, and the Red Queen.


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