Umbrella Corporation (AC-007) is an Action Card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is based on Umbrella from the Resident Evil video games in name only, as the Deck Building Game does not feature a plot beyond "survivors taking refuge in a mansion and encontering Infected", despite the B.O.W.s featured in game being products of Umbrella.


It is very similar to Reload (AC-005), in that its Gold cost is 50 and one of its effects grants the player using it more Actions. Umbrella Corp only grants one extra action instead of two. Its other "symbol effect" lets the player draw two cards from their inventory but at the expense of its primary effect, which makes the playerr move one card from their hand to the top of their Inventory. Its action stacking capabilities are limited and its card drawing is hampered by its other effect, but overall t can come in handy for players who candeveop strategies to work around it.

The artwrork on the card shows official artwork from Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, depicting Albert Wesker in three of his main incarnations from the Resident Evil series; his S.T.A.R.S. attire from RE0 and RE, his suit worn in "Death's Door" as well as RE4, and finally his appearance in Umbrella Chronicles' final chapter "Dark Legacy".


  • The card drawing isn't as rewarding as other cards, but it can still come in handy if the player is using the second Jack Krauser card from Alliance.
  • Moving a card to the top of the Inventory is useful for anyone using the Bolt-Action Rifle, which gains more damage if the cost of said card is higher than 50. Additionally, its Action stacking, though limited can still contribute to the overall power of the Semi-Automatic Rifle.
  • The card makes a nice substitute for players not using Sheva Alomar or the second Leon S. Kennedy card from Alliance.

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