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Official Artwork for Umbrella Corporation as seen in the films.

The Umbrella Corporation (or known simply as Umbrella) was an omnipresent corporation founded by Dr. Alexander Roland Isaacs and Dr. James Marcus, after Dr. Marcus successfully developed the T-Virus, a groundbreaking viral medical treatment, to cure his daughter's Progeria. The corporation is reputed for its evil and ruthless nature, sacrificing anyone and anything in their quest to achieve perfection with the t-virus. They were a major pharmaceutical company before the global outbreak and "nine out of ten homes" contained products made by the corporation.[1]


The Hive[]

Sometime at the beginning of the twenty first century, Umbrella became one of the largest "commercial entities" in the United States and holds considerable clout within the political and business ring. As one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, the Umbrella Corporation also supplied viral weaponry to the United States Army. Unknown to Umbrella's employee's, profits are generated by sales of the virus and the illegal conduction of genetic research and modification. To the public, Umbrella is simply the leading provider in technology, medical and healthcare products.

During September 2002, a viral outbreak in one of Umbrella's secret underground laboratories in Raccoon City known as the Hive occurred; the Red Queen ---the artificial intelligence used for the Hive's security--- sealed off the complex and proceeded to kill all of the facility's employees using various methods. Above ground in the Looking Glass House, one of the entrances to the facility, it rendered security operatives Alice and Spence Parks unconscious with a nerve gas that caused memory loss. When Umbrella learned of what happened, they sent a division of special operatives to investigate the facility.

When the operatives failed to respond, Umbrella began quarantine procedures around the one of two emergency entrances into facility. When two survivors Alice and Matt Addison emerged from underground, both were seized and taken into Raccoon City Hospital to under go blood tests and analysis under the order of an unnamed doctor. Matt Addison was taken and placed into the Nemesis program; Alice was also experimented on and later apart of a program dubbed "Program: Alice". Umbrella began preparations in sending a specialized team to re-open the facility.

Raccoon City[]

Trailer 09

Umbrella's Biohazard team at the entrance of the Hive.

In Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the influence of Umbrella is further expounded upon; the company revealed to be megacorp that runs the majority of Raccoon City. Upon sending a team to re-open the Hive, Umbrella scientists accessed entry into the facility via the city's emergency entrance. When managing to gain entrance, the scientists were attacked by Lickers. When Umbrella officials in Raccoon City heard of the incident, they arranged an evacuation plan to escort out important scientists and employees. One of several families that are arranged to be evacuated are the Ashford's, Charles and his daughter Angela. Dr. Ashford is one of Umbrella's highest priority scientists that worked in the development process of the t-Virus.

Once the t-Virus had reached the city gates, Umbrella sealed all exits out of the city to contain the virus. As time passes, it becomes apparent that Umbrella cannot contain the infection as planned; so as a secondary escape route, Umbrella plans to have city completely "sanitized" at dawn by detonating a Precision Tactical Nuclear Device.

Once Raccoon City is "sanitized", Umbrella's connection to the t-virus and the outbreak will be erased, leaving them blameless. Their cover-up for the destruction of the city would be to claim that Raccoon Nuclear Powerplant went critical through unknown means and leveled the city. Prior to the destruction of the city, Umbrella uses the outbreak as a chance to test their new weapons the "Nemesis Program" and "Program: Alice". After the city is destroyed, Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera's attempts to reveal the truth of Umbrella's deeds are labeled as a hoax; the video recorded by the deceased Terri Morales is promptly discredited by Umbrella.

Shortly after the tape is denounced, Carlos Oliveira and Jill Valentine become wanted fugitives sought for questioning.

Umbrella During the Global Pandemic[]


Umbrella lost control of the t-Virus; sometime during the outbreak in Raccoon City, the virus reached Tokyo, Japan and began to infect the population. From there, the infection quickly swept across the planet, killing large amounts of the ecosystem. Both human, plant and wildlife were victims of the virus and the company was forced to relocate the various underground facilities.

Despite the loss of political, financial and military connections, Umbrella continued to thrive in the aftermath of the global pandemic. Its board of directors were still able to meet, led by chairman Albert Wesker via hologram. Alexander Isaacs was charged by Wesker to find a solution to the t-virus by attempting to domesticate the undead with a t-virus strain derived of Alice's blood. Unbeknownst to the chairman, Isaacs created a new and type of aggressive undead with the intention of capturing Alice against orders. Their North American facility was later destroyed by the mutated Alexander Isaacs who died at the hands of the renegade Alice. Alice informed Wesker that she and "a few friends" coming for him next.


In a move to collect more subjects for experimentation, Umbrella created "Arcadia", a so-called safe haven for survivors in Alaska completely free of infection. During the events of Extinction, Alice obtained a journal detailing information of radio transmissions and descriptions of a paradise for humans.

A doubtful Claire Redfield leads the few survivors of her convoy to Alaska where they await rescue. There, somewhere on the shores of a graveyard of airplanes, the survivors were ambushed by Umbrella soldiers who capture everyone but Claire and take them to the ship. The ship holds over 2,000 survivors aboard, trapped in stasis pods and kept under control by a scarab-like device planted in the center of their chests.

The Purge Bomb as it destroys part of Tokyo.

Elsewhere in Japan, Alice's and her clones initiate a direct assault on Umbrella's Tokyo base where Wesker resides. During the attack Albert Wesker is forced to flee by helicopter, however he activates a purge device that kills all within the facility, taking a sizable chunk of Tokyo out at the same time and all of the Alice clones.

Despite the loss of the Tokyo headquarters, Umbrella continued to operate without falter under the command of Wesker. After Alice, Claire and Chris Redfield discover his whereabouts on Arcadia and the ship's true nature, Wesker escapes and attempts to destroy the ship with another purge bomb only to discover the explosive aboard his ship. He survives the explosion and Umbrella converges on the Arcadia, a brainwashed Jill Valentine at the helm of the soldiers prepared to retake the Umbrella ship.


Through a series of unexplained events, Albert Wesker and agent Ada Wong defect from the Umbrella Corporation and the Red Queen is reinstated as the head of the company's organization, operating from the clandestine Umbrella Prime base. The orchestrator of the attack on the Arcadia, the Red Queen successfully recaptured the company's two thousand human experiments and Alice. Located underwater in Russia, the Umbrella bio weapons testing facility was revealed to be the ultimate testing ground for the study of how the T-virus spread through the human population.

Dr. Isaacs' research with the use of clones is implemented in their testing, clones conditioned to act and behave like their original counterparts with a few modifications for the sake of their simulated reality. The base is primarily comprised of uncanny recreations of specific landmarks and locations in places such as Tokyo, Moscow, New York and Raccoon City's suburban neighborhoods.

Meetings with potential buyers from countries such as China, Japan and the United States were set up to showcase the potential power of the virus as a biological weapon. Wesker explains that the intention of the company was to start a new “nuclear arms race” akin to that of the Cold War, only biological warfare was their primary weapon. However, in the fallout of the outbreak, the Red Queen uses the facility and its biological creations with the intention of destroying all of that remains of humanity. In a move to sabotage the Red Queen's plans, Albert Wesker and Ada Wong help the imprisoned Alice escape the Umbrella base with the help of a strike team led by Leon S. Kennedy, Barry Burton and Luther West.

Though she tries to derail their escape at every turn with the use of Las Plagas Undead, other bio weapons and cloned Umbrella troops commanded by Jill Valentine (who is later freed from her control), the Red Queen's efforts to stop the survivors were eventually defeated with the destruction of the base by flooding. She is believed to have survived the destruction of Umbrella Prime and continues to wage war against humanity, with the combined strength of Wesker, Alice, Leon, Ada, and Jill against her.

The Final Chapter[]

Its revealed that Wesker's betrayal of the Umbrella Corporation is in fact a hoax. In reality, his intention is to draw the remainder of humanity into one place in order to destroy them. Wesker's betrayal at the White House leaves all but Alice and himself dead.

Following the destruction of the White House, Undead armies led by Umbrella tanks are sent to destroy the last remaining human settlements around the world, one of which is in the ruins of Raccoon City. The Raccoon City force, three Undead armies led by Umbrella tanks, is led by a second clone of Doctor Alexander Isaacs, the co-founder of Umbrella.

Waking in the ruins of the White House, Alice is contacted by the Red Queen who, instead of being the evil mastermind Wesker made her out to be, was simply an innocent pawn of his trap. The Red Queen informs Alice that in 48 hours the last of humanity will be destroyed and she needs to return to the Hive to get a potent airborne anti-virus created by Umbrella that will kill anything infected by the T-virus upon contact and end the Global T-Virus pandemic.

Making her way to Raccoon City, Alice is captured by Isaacs' army and escapes. Reaching the human settlement, Alice leads a successful defense that destroys Isaacs' first Undead army. However, Isaacs himself escapes and two more Undead armies led by Umbrella are on their way. The human survivors realize that the Red Queen's plan is their only chance and Alice leads a team to attempt to reach the anti-virus within the Hive.

In the crater containing an entrance to the Hive, Wesker unleashes a pack of Cerberus upon the team and reverses the air intakes within the Hive. These attacks result in the deaths of several members of the team, but the survivors are able to make contact with the Red Queen who shows them that the pandemic was a plan for a global apocalypse by the real Isaacs where the chosen few, the Umbrella High Command and thousands of their employees would sit it out in stasis in the Hive. As Isaacs' plan contradicts the Red Queen's directive to protect humans, she wishes to stop it but is prevented from directly interfering due to another directive that prohibits her from harming any Umbrella employee.

Alice's team makes their way through the Hive, but fall into further traps that leaves all but Alice, Doc, who is secretly an Umbrella mole and Claire Redfield dead. After passing through the Hive's laser room, Alice discovers some of the Sanitation team's old equipment and plants explosives upon the stasis pods of the Umbrella High Command to kill them and destroy the Hive.

Alice and Doc eventually make their way to the bottom of the Hive where they are confronted by Isaacs and Wesker who reveal the truth of Alice's nature as a clone of Alicia Marcus, the daughter of Umbrella co-founder Doctor James Marcus. Alicia, who is on Alice's side, fires Wesker, enabling the Red Queen to drop a blast door on his arm, crushing it and trapping him. As she and Claire chase Isaacs and the anti-virus, Alice leaves the detonator for her explosives in Wesker's hand so that they will go off when he bleeds to death and drops the detonator.

After a fight with Isaacs, Alice apparently kills him, retrieves the anti-virus and makes her way outside as Wesker dies and drops the detonator. The explosives Alice planted destroy the Hive, killing Alicia, the Umbrella High Command and the thousands of employees held in stasis there. Despite the intervention of Isaacs, Alice is able to release the anti-virus, instantly killing all nearby Undead and starting the end of the pandemic.

Following the death of Isaacs, the Red Queen, who was deactivated by Isaacs, is able to reactivate herself and recall the Umbrella forces sent to destroy the last human strongholds with the Undead armies, ending the attacks and saving the remainder of humanity. Umbrella's plot for an apocalypse is foiled and with the Hive destroyed and all of the employees within and the Umbrella High Command killed, Umbrella is effectively destroyed though it will take several years for the anti-virus to spread across the globe and completely end the pandemic.

Innovations designed by Umbrella[]

  • T-Virus: The t-Virus is an artificially engineered organic virus developed by Dr. James Marcus. It had the ability to regenerate dead cells. Despite its success as a marvelous medical innovation, the virus can also reanimate dead people and bring them back in a brain damaged state with extreme violent tendencies. Given special circumstances and surgical experimentations, the t-virus can even mutate living beings into powerful monsters.
  • Red Queen: A highly advanced supercomputer which was developed by Dr. Isaacs to help him manage the Umbrella Corporation. It was built out of Alicia Marcus' childhood voice, appearance and memories which were all recorded by the late Umbrella Co-founder Dr. James Marcus.
  • Regenerate: A product mentioned in the Resident Evil: Apocalypse trailer. Regenerate is a skincare product that uses some elements similar to the t-Virus to revive dead skin cells, making the user appear younger.
  • Return: A weight pill mentioned in promotions for the second movie. This pill features the ability to burn up to 30 pounds per pill. Developed using the t-Virus[citation needed].
  • Las Plagas: The las plagas is a parasitic organism which was produced by Umbrella Prime, by experimentation with the t-virus. The parasite created a smarter variation of the Undead, who were capable of utilizing weapons and attack their targets with ruthless coordination. An improved variant was able to grant Bad Rain enhanced strength and regenerative abilities without mutating her or causing her to loose her mental faculties.

Notable employees[]


  • Dr. Alexander Roland Isaacs - Co-founder and Co-owner of Umbrella, owns 50% of the Umbrella Corporation.
  • Dr. James Marcus - Co-founder and former Co-owner (Developed the t-virus to cure his daughter's genetic disorder) (Killed by Albert Wesker under Dr. Isaac's orders)
  • Alicia Marcus - Co-owner, inherited her father's 50% of Umbrella.
  • Albert Wesker - Former "acting" chairman and Dr. Isaacs' loyal subordinate while Dr. Isaacs remained in cryostasis.
  • Dr. Isaacs' Second Clone - A radicalized clone of Dr. Isaacs who was "allowed" to believe that he is the real Dr. Isaacs and lead the Umbrella Corporation for some time while the real Dr. Isaacs remained in cryostasis.


Known Umbrella Bases[]


Further notes[]


  1. as heard in Resident Evil (film)
  2. As seen in the movieResident Evil: Retribution and was held captive by the "cloned" version of Rain Ocampo and brainwashed Jill Valentine, due to that spider thing on her chest.