Umbrella Credits (アンブレラクレジット?) is an in-game currency in Resident Evil: Resistance.[1]


Survivors start with fixed amount and all receive additional fixed amounts upon entering a Areas 2 & 3. During gameplay, Umbrella Credits can be found on the map and interacted with to be picked up with adds to everyone's total.

Things that affect Umbrella Credits

  • Valerie Harmon's Personal skills will highlight them on map
  • January Van Sant's Passive Skill 2 "Cyber Monday" can either lowers the price of all non-firearms or causes Armories to sell a random special weapon.
  • Dealer zombies' grabs will take away credits from that survivors.

Equipment that affects Umbrella Credits

  • Wallet I, II, & III: Start with more Umbrella Credits.
  • Survival Pack: Start with a small amount of extra Ammo and Umbrella Credits.
  • Lucky Charm I, II, III: Increases how many Umbrella Credits are picked up.
  • Smart Watch: Slightly increases how many Umbrella Credits are picked up, and increases the drop rate of herbs when defeating an enemy.


Umbrella Credits can be found in multiple locations in each Area of the game.


As the survivors, it's used to buy weapons or recovery items from the Armory.[1]



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