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Umbrella Europe was the central regional branch of the Umbrella Corporation covering the European continent. At least eight laboratories operated under its jurisdiction, most directly administered by Umbrella HQ. The continent was also the site for the global headquarters of the corporate group's parent company, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. Umbrella Europe is known to have been in competition with Umbrella U.S.A. in bio-weapons development.


The earliest known actions by Umbrella Europe was in response to the U.S.A. division's Dr. William Birkin, who was making significant breakthroughs with B.O.W.s such as the Hunter α. In order to best them, the European branches began working together to design their own counterparts, focusing on better enhancing the weapons' intelligence rather than the Americans' focus on enhanced strength.

Umbrella Europe's crowning achievement was the Nemesis Project, which revolved around their 6th Laboratory's development of the NE-α Type ("Nemesis Alpha") parasite, an organism intended to retain intelligence and control over B.O.W.s by having it take over the host's nervous system.[1] Because it was considered key by Umbrella U.S.A. in reaching the Third Stage of the t-Virus Project with their own Tyrant Project, in 1988 Umbrella U.S.A.'s Arklay Laboratory team - led by Dr. William Birkin - managed to get a hold of the prototype parasite thanks to the backing of Oswell E. Spencer. The subsequent experimentation with the parasite using their guinea pig, Lisa Trevor, as its host proved shocking to the team when her body's defences not only succeeded in killing the parasite, but added its genetic material to her own. This led to Umbrella U.S.A.'s development of the G-Virus. Umbrella Europe continued to work with Umbrella U.S.A. regarding their Nemesis Project when a parasite was implanted within a T-103 Tyrant model, successfully merging the two project's aims into a single being - the Nemesis-T Type. A fax sent from Umbrella Europe's No.6 Laboratory to a small Umbrella U.S.A. branch asked for a delivery of the chemical "VT-J98", which was deemed necessary for Nemesis-T Type cultivation.[2]

In 1998, Umbrella Europe managed to acquire data on Umbrella U.S.A.'s Hunter program, formerly led by Dr. William Birkin. With this data they engineered the Hunter γ, having taken a radical divergence by using amphibian DNA as opposed to reptilian. These were also shipped to the Chicago branch for transport into Raccoon City for combat data acquisition like the Hunter β, with some of these models being captured by civilian workers and stored underneath both the Raccoon General Hospital and Raccoon University.[3][4]

In December 1998, Claire Redfield traveled to Europe in search of her brother, Chris Redfield, who had made plans with Barry Burton and Jill Valentine to investigate Umbrella Europe. Breaching their Paris facility, she was eventually captured by their PrivSol team.


Paris facility/Paris Laboratory

Château de Loire/Loire Laboratory

No.6 Laboratory


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