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The Umbrella Executive Training Center (アンブレラ幹部養成所 (Kanbu yōsei-sho)[1] was an employee training college, aimed at the training of gifted young adults for senior roles within the expanding company. The facility was established in 1968, and also housed a laboratory complex for company research, hidden beneath a chapel. Located deep in Raccoon Forest, boarding was provided for students in its basement.

The facility was closed as a place of education following a scandal in 1978, but remained open as a place of research until its closure in 1988. An attempt to re-open the facility took place in July 1998, but failed due to the unexpected presence of mutants. The facility was later destroyed to dispose of the biohazard.


It is uncertain when work began on the facility, as its establishment date of August 1968 may refer either to the date work was approved or when it began operations.[2] Either way, from the start the facility was intended for the training of new staff loyal to the company, with Dr. James Marcus declared to be its Director, a position which Marcus accepted after some early hesitation.[3] Disinterest in the employee training process, the Deputy Director was de facto in control, while Dr. Marcus focused on research in the laboratory complex.[4]

The quality of education is not known, though it seems trainees were already familiar with lab research before being hired. The Deputy Director had low opinion of Umbrella's selection criteria, seeing the majority of students as being worthless. One of the rare instances, in his opinion, of promising trainees came in 1977 with the arrival in September of William Birkin and Albert Wesker, two child prodigies who got the attention of Dr. Marcus for their aggressive devotion to research.[2][4]

During this education year, Dr. Marcus entered the final phase of his research on the Progenitor Virus, creating a mutant strain during annelid research, which he considered to be the completion of the t-Virus Project, though was hesitant to reveal his success until early 1978. Moving animal research on to human testing, Dr. Marcus began using trainees as test subjects, along with employees he suspected of being spies handing over research data to Dr. Oswell E. Spencer. Possibly during this period, people were injured or killed in a secret torture chamber in the basement, identified by left-over bloodstains. Various beds were also left bloodstained when Umbrella gave orders to shut down the facility for schooling. Two days after its shutdown, Drs. Birkin and Wesker were transferred to the Arklay Laboratory.[2]
Training Center1

Billy and Rebecca inside the Training Center.

Research continued in the facility at a reduced level for the next ten years, though it is uncertain if human testing continued during this period. In 1988, Dr. Spencer finally issued orders for a Umbrella Security Service team to enter the facility and assassinate Dr. Marcus. Drs. Birkin and Wesker entered the laboratory with the team, and began gathering his research data for use in the Arklay Laboratory's own research.[5] His body and leech test subjects were dumped into an underground drainage system.

Reclamation Project Edit

Following the demise of the Arklay Laboratory to a viral outbreak in 1998, Umbrella issued orders for Drs. Birkin and Wesker to begin the process of re-opening the facility.[6] The 1st Investigation Unit made their way in and, alongside routine management issues,[7] uncovered the depth of Dr. Marcus' crimes, which the company had successfully covered-up.[8] In terms of infrastructure, most of the facility was operational and electrical power was fine. Some dilapidation had taken place over the course of the decade, most extensively in the laboratory where cave-ins had occurred. Soon after their arrival on 23 July, they were attacked by leeches under the control of Dr. Marcus' final test subject, Queen Leech.

Ultimately the facility was destroyed when Dr. Birkin activated the self-destruct system in an attempt to prevent the outbreak from spreading further, as well as ensure any remaining evidence towards the conspiracy against Dr. Marcus was destroyed.


This facility served many purposes. There were living quarters for the people who stayed there, classrooms, libraries, laboratories, a torture room, training fields, art rooms, dining rooms, a kitchen, studies, a bar, a clock room, a cage room, bathrooms, a gas testing room, morgues, a trophy room, a breeding room for the leeches, sewer access, as well as an astrological tower with a telescope. There was even a chapel outside of the main building. A cable car ran underneath the building, connecting it to a factory.



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