Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Umbrella Executive Training Center (アンブレラ幹部養成所 (Kanbu yōsei-sho)[1] was a student research facility with a separate laboratory complex hidden below an adjacent church. The main facility was designed to train researchers as prospective executive officers to become the next generation of the company's management.


Training Center1

Billy and Rebecca inside the Training Center.

The training facility was established in August 1968 in the Arklay Mountains. Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer chose his close friend and co-founder Dr. James Marcus to be its director, a position which Marcus accepted after some early hesitation.[2][3]

Not getting involved with his students' teachings, Marcus used his time to research the Progenitor virus in his laboratory. Instead, he left education up to his assistant director.[3][4]

September 1977 saw the arrival of William Birkin and Albert Wesker, two young and keen employees seeking education in virology.[2] Their rivalry got the attention of Marcus, who had his assistant encourage fierce competition between the two.[4]

The facility was eventually closed the following year, leaving Marcus to work on his own while William and Albert were transferred to the nearby Arklay Laboratory.[2]

Ten years later in 1988, Marcus was taken surprise by Umbrella soldiers who gunned him down in the middle of an experiment. Before being thrown into the sewage system, he would see the faces of two familiar people: William and Albert. William mockingly announced that he would be "taking over" his (Marcus') research.[5]

In July 1998, the Umbrella Corporation planned to re-open the facility, unaware of the recent t-Virus outbreak in the area. Albert and William were put in charge of this operation.[6]

The First Investigation Unit that entered the facility reported minor problems that would need to be corrected when re-opened, such as misplaced chemical stations.[7] They later reported more serious violations by Marcus in the form of forced viral experimentation on human guinea pigs.[8] The Unit was later attacked by the revived Marcus, who was brought back by the Queen Leech.

Ultimately the facility was destroyed when William activated the self-destruct system in an attempt to prevent the outbreak from spreading further, as well as ensure any remaining evidence towards the conspiracy against Dr. Marcus was destroyed.


This facility served many purposes. There were living quarters for the people who stayed there, classrooms, libraries, laboratories, a torture room, training fields, art rooms, dining rooms, a kitchen, studies, a bar, a clock room, a cage room, bathrooms, a gas testing room, morgues, a trophy room, a breeding room for the leeches, sewer access, as well as an astrological tower with a telescope. There was even a church outside of the main building. A cable car ran underneath the building, connecting it to the Umbrella Chemical Plant.



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