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Umbrella Japan Co., Ltd. (アンブレラ・ジャパン株式会社 Anburera Japan kabushikigaisha?), known simply as "Umbrella Japan", was the Japanese division of the Umbrella Corporation. Based on the Red Queen's information, it was independent of Umbrella's operations in mainland Asia.[1] Its divisional headquarters was based in Tokyo.[2]


Umbrella Japan was founded in 1984 as a Kabushiki gaisha company, which was at the time largely-dependent on imports of chemicals from Umbrella U.S.A.. In 1987, work began on the development of Umbrella Japan's first research institute, where it pioneered in the study into biotechnology and production of such machines.[2]

With the Raccoon City Destruction Incident and subsequent "suspension of business decree" being placed on Umbrella U.S.A., the company's own sales began to fail. Although being helped, financially for some years, the increase in rumours surrounding the Raccoon Trials took its toll on the company. Following the verdict in the trial, Umbrella's headquarters went bankrupt, and its remaining facilities began to close down.[2]

In March 2004, just over a year after the incident at Umbrella Russia's Caucasus Laboratory, Umbrella Japan showed signs that it was approaching financial collapse. After its management failed to find any buyer for the company - both within and outside of the pharmaceutical business and domestic and foreign corporations - the corporation was forced to declare bankruptcy and dissolved itself, with its assets being liquidated. News of these events reached national headlines on March 15.[2]


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