Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Umbrella No. 57 Plant (アンブレラ第57プラント) was an Umbrella factory in an unstable region of West Africa.


The 57th Plant was a major employer and source of income for the local area, with 80% of the local adult population being its factory workers. While wages were nowhere near average by Occidental standards, a regular flow of income allowed the town to thrive, and provide children like Sheva Alomar with a decent upbringing.

At some point around 1994, the plant suffered an unidentified catastrophe which resulted in the B.O.W.s in its storage tanks being released, slaughtering researchers and factory workers, alike. From the streets outside, black smoke was seen rising from the building, with a loud siren blaring.

Umbrella responded quickly, sending in a special forces team in hazmat suits to take care of the problem with assault rifles. Children such as Sheva were familiar with the sounds of gunfire, owing to the chaos in nearby cities caused by anti-government guerrillas.[1]


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