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Umbrella Pharmaceuticals was a European company responsible for the production of pharmaceuticals. Founded in the late 1960s, it became a subsidiary of Umbrella, a conglomerate spanning various industries from medicines to luxury travels. Umbrella Pharmaceuticals collapsed after the infamous Raccoon Trials came to a close in 2003. Until then, it was a leading member of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies.[1]



The founding of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals traces its origins to the writings of Henry Travis, author of the 19th century encyclopedia Natural History Conspectus. Drs. Oswell E. Spencer and James Marcus were intrigued by his account of the Ndipaya of West Africa, whose folklore described a flower which could imbue unto them great powers. Heading out on an expedition with Marcus' student Brandon Bailey, the three obtained the flowers, which they found to contain a mutagenic virus later known as Progenitor.[2] Spencer made it his life goal to ensure the genesis of a new race of humans through this virus,[3] and established Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in 1968 alongside Marcus and their mutual friend Dr. Edward Ashford.[4] The main goal of the company was to ensure Spencer's goal through Progenitor research by Marcus and Bailey; the secondary goal was to create bio-weapons as a proof-of-concept and then sell them for research money.[3] The public face of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals was as an ordinary medicines manufacturer.

Early existence[]

In the late 1970s, the Arklay Laboratory acquired samples of the Ebola virus as part of international research into finding a cure for Ebola virus disease. Unofficially, however, it was actually using their research findings to strengthen the virus for better use as a bioweapon.[5]

Internationally, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals contracted fellow leading pharmaceutical corporations to develop medicines for them, which they would then use for bioweapons research. Umbrella made sure to only contract so many chemicals with each company to keep them in the dark.[1]



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