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This unnamed facility, referred to as the Umbrella R&D Center, was an above-ground testing facility in Raccoon City. This facility, like the subterranean NEST 2, was built to test Bio Organic Weapons in combat situations.


In August and September 1998, the R&D center had an increase in accidents caused by B.O.W. test subjects attempting to break out of their storage capsules.[1] As consequence, new safety features were installed on 8 September, including a titanium frame around the tanks. In the event of an escape, the facility's security system was programmed to lock doors to seal B.O.W.s inside, with biometric sensors to determine if they were still alive.[1]

On 16 September, the facility received a shipment of the experimental Hunter μ series which had the appearance of the Hunter R but smaller in size. Though it was intended they be held in storage for two weeks and then subjected to testing,[1] the escalating t-Virus outbreak in the city prevented such testing.


The west area was little explored by the civilian refugee group searching for aid due to a lockdown, though a room with high-powered lasers was sighted. The central area held a pen to house the Hunter Rs awaiting their Tyrant experiment; the Tyrant was housed in its pod in the room above. The south-east area of the facility led to an emergency exit over a catwalk. Below it lay a section of the Raccoon sewers. The north-east area had an elevator ready to go down to such depths.



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