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An Umbrella soldier as seen in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Umbrella Soldiers are minor characters that appear in the Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil films or their accompanying novelisations. Under the orders of either major figures of the corporation --- like Timothy Cain or Albert Wesker --- soldiers of Umbrella serve as the corporations first line of defence against Anti-Umbrella organisations, biohazardous outbreaks and other threats to the security of the company. The Umbrella Soldiers are designated on different bases around the world, including Tokyo and the Umbrella Prime facility.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Lead Umbrella Guard

The leader of the Umbrella soldiers led by Timothy Cain and apparent second-in-command to Cain, this soldier is assumed to have been killed in the shootout at city hall either by Nemesis, Jill, or Carlos. He was portrayed by Roman Phodora.[1]

Umbrella Gate guard

This guard was first seen on the Raven's Gate Bridge, assisting Raccoon City law enforcement and S.T.A.R.S. units evacuate the civilians from the city. When a man began to suffer an apparent heart attack, the guard called for assistance and tried to pull the man's daughter away before Peyton Wells intervened. The guard was portrayed by Brian King.[2]

Umbrella MH-6 pilot

This Umbrella employee was the pilot of an MH-6 "Little Bird" helicopter during the shootout at city hall. He was heard on a megaphone demanding the surrender of Alice and her compatriots. The pilot also attempted to kill Alice when he spotted her, but was in turn killed by Nemesis when the mutant fired a rocket at the MH-6 and destroyed it and a second chopper, both of which crashed on top of Nemesis in the process.

Umbrella Sniper

This Umbrella soldier was stationed on the roof of city hall as the survivors made their way to the helicopter. Though this trooper was prepared to take out Carlos, he was instead knocked out by Alice. He was played by Alexander Witt, the director of the film, as a cameo appearance.

Umbrella Pilot


This Umbrella pilot was waiting for Nemesis on the roof when Alice and the survivors boarded his aircraft. The shockwave from the detonation of the nuclear warhead intended to destroy Raccoon City disabled the helicopter as well; it crashed, presumably killing the pilot in the process. His body was never recovered from the wreckage.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

A member of the aforementioned reinforcements sent to aid Hotaka's team, this soldier was a survivor of the initial devastation visited upon the Umbrella troops by the Alice clones. He managed to surprise one of the clones, shooting her three times in the chest as she attempted to kill additional troops dispatched to the facility entrance. This trooper was killed, however, by a brace of replicants who proceeded to destroy the facility and all within.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Ambush Squad

The five ambushers, having caught Alice for a brief moment before their deaths.

Shortly after being assigned to return to Raccoon City by the Red Queen, Alice was intercepted and briefly captured by a squad of five armoured Umbrella soldiers. She dispatched them in short order; however, the motorbike that they had left out as bait proved to be her undoing, as it featured a print-scanner that failed to recognise her. The bike's security features were activated and Alice was electrocuted into unconsciousness before being captured by the main Umbrella force in the area, led by a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs. Why the squad of ambushers did not simply wait for her to mount the bike and subsequently be incapacitated is unclear.