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Resident Evil (film)

Aaron Vricella

Aaron Vricella was the leader of a small group of anti-Umbrella eco terrorists, whose mission was to bring the company down from the inside using spies. To this end, he recruited Matt Addison. Addison, however, felt that his sister Lisa would be a better choice, and Vricella agreed despite his misgivings. Although both of the Addison siblings died as a result of the venture, Vricella's fate remains unknown[1].

Mahound al-Rashan

Mahmoud al-Rashan was friends with Lisa Addison, he met her while she was working for Citibank with his wife, Fadwa.

Mahmoud died after complications following surgical work on an ulcer, it was discovered that drugs manufactured by Umbrella had only worsened his condition.[2]


Fadwa is the widow of Mahmoud al-Rashan, both were good friends with Lisa Addison.[3]

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Bob Friedberger

Bob Friedberger[4] was the brother of Mike Friedberger and a member of Umbrella's private security forces under Major Timothy Cain. He and his partner Howie Stein were sent into Raccoon City to evacuate Angela Ashford,[5] but never made it out of the city as their SUV was hit by an out-of-control truck driven by a zombie. Although Angela survived, both Bob and Howie perished in the crash.

Mike Friedberger

Mike Friedberger[6] was a member of Umbrella's private security forces under Major Timothy Cain and the brother of Bob Friedberger. He and Peterson were sent into Raccoon City to evacuate Dr. Charles Ashford.[6]

Howie Stein

Howie Stein[7] was Bob Friedberger's driver. Along with Bob, he was sent by Major Timothy Cain to pick up Angela Ashford from school and get her safely out of Raccoon City. Both he and Bob died when a zombified truck driver drove his cement mixer into their SUV.


Peterson[8] was Mike Friedberger's driver, who went with him to pick up Dr. Charles Ashford.[9] He liked to annoy Mike by popping his gum.

Lead Umbrella Guard

The leader of the Umbrella soldiers led by Timothy Cain and apparent second-in-command to Cain. he is assumed to have been killed in the shootout at city hall either by Nemesis, Jill, or Carlos. He was portrayed by Roman Phodora[10].

Umbrella Gate guard

As seen at the Raven's Gate Bridge. He orders people to stay calm and helps the RPD and S.T.A.R.S. units evacuate the civilians from the city. When an infected man begins to suffer what appears to be an heart attack, he called for help and tried to pull the man's daughter away before Peyton Wells intervened. He was portrayed by Brian King[11].

Umbrella MH-6 pilot

He was the pilot of an MH-6 little bird during the city hall shootout, he was heard on megaphone demanding thier surrender, he attempted to kill Alice when the Nemesis fired a rocket at his helecoptor and was killed when the rocket destroyed the chopper, the explosion destroyed the second chopper as well, which crashed on top of Nemesis.

Umbrella Sniper

He was positioned on the roof of city hall, as the survivors made their way to the helicopter, he prepared to snipe Carlos, but was stopped and knocked out by Alice. He was played by Alexander Witt. Who also directed the movie.

Umbrella Pilot


The helicopter pilot is a minor character, waiting on the rooftop to pick up Nemesis. When the helicopter is hit by the shockwave from nuclear explosion that destroys Raccoon City, he is presumably killed in the crash alongside Alice. His body is never recovered from the wreckage.

Resident Evil: Extinction



The family of psycopaths.

A small family of outlaws, When the t-Virus swept the world and turn most of the human population into zombies, the family took shelter in an abandoned and desolate radio station in Salt Lake City. After they barricaded the entrances they started to lose what sanity they had left and painted various messages on the walls such as "Burn them" and biblical symbols. When they turned completely mad, they started to actually enjoy their situation and take advantage of it. They captured zombie dogs and caged them so they could send out false radio signals and alert survivors that they need food and medical supplies. When the survivors arrived, they would be robbed of their supplies and put in the cage of dogs so the family can watch the fight for their entertainment.

When Alice arrived, the group immediately took her guns and knives. The oldest brother, Eddie, saw Alice and attempted to rape her before she broke his neck. She was thrown into the dog pit, with the psychopaths releasing said dogs before watching. Alice fought them off but they still kept coming at her. She grabbed loose electric wires and tied them around the walls and to the Cerberus who started to sprint, causing the above floor to collapse. The dogs climbed up and killed the entire family while Alice grabbed her weapons and escaped.


See also: Ma


See also: Eddie (Resident Evil: Extinction)


Piggy wore overalls over a filthy white shirt and lacked body muscle. Piggy was killed after the dogs escaped their cages and climbed up the broken floor. He had the largest weapon of the group, a shotgun that was the same model as Alice's. He was portrayed by Shane Woodson[12].

Pock Mark

Pock Mark was the most frightening of the family; He had a large mohawk and a blue jacket with blue jeans and a T-shirt with handwriting on it. He, like Rancid, didn't use any of Alice's weapons against her, he used his own revolver. Pock Mark single-handedly opened the cages and let the Cerberus out to attack Alice. He was portrayed by Geoff Mead[13].


Like Pock Mark, Rancid used only his own weapons against Alice, though they were the same models as Alice's, two pistols. He, like everyone else, died when their "pet" dogs escaped the pit and attacked his family. Like Ma, Rancid's death it briefly shown. He was portrayed by Brian Steel (who also doubled for the Tyrant Sam Isaacs near the end of the film)[14].


Runty, as his name briefly suggests, was the less-seen member the family. He dressed normal, looking like a sports fan and knocked Alice out before throwing her into the dog cage. His death by the escaped dogs isn't seen but he can briefly be seen running but one dog only seconds away from tackling him in the air.

Umbrella Tech

Umbrella Tech (portrayed by John Eric Bentley[15]) Appeared in Resident Evil Extinction, following the orders of Sam Isaacs. When Isaacs leads a team of Umbrella soldiers to Las Vegas, the Umbrella tech is responsible for activating the coniditioning for "Program: Alice". When the Umbrella satellite malfunctions, they lose control of Alice and Isaacs plan to capture her fails. They reboot the system in time to discover Alice had discovered their location. The Umbrella tech and the other soliders are is killed by the ex-operative while Isaacs escapes.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Umbrella sergeant


Umbrella Sergeant standing on the left.

The unnamed sergeant (portrayed by Shin Kawai[16]) was a leading Umbrella security/military officer at the Tokyo underground base. He was second-in-command of security next to Captain Hotaka. When his team became aware of the lost in transmission to the two snipers at the surface he believed it was a communications problem.


Umbrella Sergeant killed by Wesker.

After thirty minutes passed, Wesker was informed of the problem and confronted the sergeant on the situation. They witness Hotaka being killed on video feed and security is dispatched to the main entrance where the Alice clones were believed to be. The clones move further into the base, killing all the soldiers in their path. Wesker orders the sergeant to flood the entire main entrance with nerve gas. When the sergeant hesitates, Wesker executes him with his Desert Eagle.


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