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"Sergei: You think I am reckless, don't you?
Executive: You stole the computer core from your own company. I wouldn't exactly call that 'stable'.

his unnamed executive was high up on Umbrella's corporate ladder, and an associate of Sergei Vladimir. He was apparently in charge of some of the company's operations in Raccoon City.[1]


"An Umbrella officer will be leaving town in a helicopter. If you are not on it, there will be no way to leave Raccoon City..."
Officer 2

The officer speaking with Sergei.

This executive was evacuated at literally the last minute of the infamous Raccoon City Destruction Incident. Sergei was sent to retrieve the U.M.F.-013 computer core and the executive. Sergei piloted the helicopter into the city and secured the core via tow cable. The executive was shown as a passenger sitting in the back of the helicopter. He was breathing through a life support system plugged into his nose, with wires hanging from his ears and down his waist. His full face remained silhouetted and hidden. During the escape of the city, Albert Wesker informed the injured Ada Wong of the coming government missile that would destroy Raccoon City and of the helicopter carrying the executive being her only way out. Ada did manage to grapple onto the computer core and was unnoticed by Sergei or the executive. Meanwhile, in the helicopter, the executive commented that it was reckless for Sergei to steal the core, but Sergei took his comment as a joke and disclosed that the research data in the core would allow Umbrella to rise again. With the destruction of both Raccoon City and the Umbrella Corporation, this man's fate remains unknown.

Further Notes[]

  • Some speculated he may have been Oswell E. Spencer himself. Though this is just fan speculation as Resident Evil 5 confirmed that Spencer was not in Raccoon City when it was destroyed.


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