Under the Skin, known in Japan as Annoying Alien: Panic Maker (めいわく星人 パニックメーカー Meiwaku hoshibito panikkumēkā?), is a game developed and published by Capcom. The game was released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 on August 5, 2004.


Cosmi, a little blue alien, has been traveling across the universe making mischief on other planets in a coming of age adventure. On the way to his final stop, Earth, Cosmi's ship collides with a satellite and he crash lands in Coco Town. Despite this, his mission stands and he must compete with aliens from other planets to cause the most chaos on Earth without getting caught.


The player controls Cosmi across a number of stages. The player can collect coins by creating panic and must have a certain number of coins to advance to the next level. To conceal his true identity, he assumes the form of various humans and gains different power-ups with each one. When he takes a certain amount of damage, the player will have to quickly swap human forms or else his cover will be blown. Each stage has a different rival alien that will either compete with the player or help them to advance.

The game features a Raccoon City stage, where the player can encounter various characters and landmarks from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


Character Voice actor
Master Itazura Richard Newman
Cosmi, Annie Campbell, Little Girl, Girl #2, Princess Cleo Tabitha St. Germain
Narrator, Punk, Cop, Ninja, Cadabra John Payne
Young Man, Carlos Oliveira, Pickpocket, Karate Champ, Yuppie, Cosmi Sr., Old Man Scott McNeil
Jill Valentine, Little Boy, Woman Cop, Casual Girl, Old Woman, Sexy Bunny, Becky Kathleen Barr


Box art


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