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"In the station, we caught our breath, but it wasn't long before we could feel them watching. All we could do then was await for the inevitable."
— In-game description

"Underbelly", known in Japan as "Other world" (異界 Ikai?), is the second scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.[1] It takes place in the South Raccoon Street station. The level was completed from a draft outlined as scenario "R010", one of some forty or so proposed stages for the game.


Jim Chapman and several other survivors run past countless zombies and race towards a subway entrance. While taking refuge, they realize that they can use one of the subway trains to escape, but search deeper to unravel more clues. While wandering around the employee passage, they find out that they need two emblems to separate the train. As they search for these emblems, they also realize the train is lacking electrical power, forcing them to find a way to open the transformer without getting shocked by the flooded power room due to a broken pipe. They fix the flood, but the pipes aren't fixed yet.

The survivors travel back to the Breaker Room and set the voltage correctly so that electronic objects may operate. This opens the electronically locked Storage Room where the survivors find the duct tape needed to fix the pipes. They fix the pipe and find one emblem on the floor. The survivors travel back to place the emblem, only to be greeted by a big, mutated flea. They kill the creature and place the emblem.

Afterwards, they hear an announcement of an incoming train. This train was re-activated by the electric surge during one of its normal routes.The train derails and crashes into some debris blocking the track. This causes an inferno which causes smoke to arise up. Before the survivors choke, the sprinkler systems activate and hose down the raging inferno. revealing the last emblem on the platform next to the train wreckage

The survivors quickly place the last emblem and the train separates. The survivors get ready to finally leave the station... until a huge appendage smashes one of the windows and kidnaps one of the survivors. The survivors rush to save the person, only to find a massive flea with its offsprings, realizing that the only way to get out of the subway was to kill the creature and get away by train. They take down the horrifying creature with pure firepower and finally escape. Unfortunately, this doesn't take them far as the train stopped at blocked tracks near Arklay Mountains, forcing them to move on foot, still not escaping the outbreak...


Your first objective is to get the key to access the employees' area; if you play as Jim, you will have it immediately. If you don't have it, you will have to get it from the train below. Once you get in the employees area, you have to get a code for a locker to get the B2A key, the code is in one of the mens staff restroom (if you play as Jim, there is another locker you will have access to, another character it will read "has Jim's name plate"). Once you do get in there, your next objective would be to drain the water and turn on the power, first get the valve to drain the water. Once you do, go out of the room you drained the water to find an emblem needed to start the train, but you still need one more.

Now you can turn on the power, then you need to get the duct tape AFTER you've done some other stuff concerning the power. After some time, you will see a cutscene showing a train crash. Fix the water pipes using the duct tape and then start the water again to turn off the fires.

Now go back to the crashed train where Mega Bites will start coming. What you need is the second emblem, insert the other emblem into the train and then go inside the train to see a scene when something huge grabs your partner and take him/her to its nest. Head immediately to where the creature went and get ready to face the final boss; Giga Bite. Just use every weapon you have until it dies, but be careful since sometimes the Giga Bite will summon Mega bites to run you over. Once the Giga Bite is dead, head to the train immediately or the train will leave you, forcing you to take the ventilation tunnel. Whichever method you choose will result in different endings for this scenario.

Alternate ending[]

If the Player does not make it to the train in time, it will abandon them. The survivors will be forced to escape through the ventilation tunnel. Once they reach the top, the "Cold Comfort" ending is played where the survivors walk down an alley. The following scene shows a street at dawn, which looks exactly like the street from the ending of "desperate times", indicating that the "Cold Comfort" ending leads directly to the desperate times scenario.

Event Checklist[]

  1. Entered passcode into locker (20pts)
  2. Stopped leak in lower level (20pts)
  3. Solved switchboard puzzle (30pts)
  4. Saw "Enter Mega Bite" scene (10pts)
  5. Fixed pipe with vinyl tape (40pts)
  6. Used Founder's emblem (Werner) (20pts)
  7. Used Founder's emblem (Oral) (20pts)
  8. Attacked by Giga Bite (40pts)
  9. Used model train wheel (20pts)
  10. Saw "Railway to Tomorrow" scene (30pts)
  11. Saw "Cold Comfort" scene (40pts)
  12. Read all graffiti with lighter (50pts)
  13. NPC was pulled into ceiling (40pts)
  14. Used employee area key (10pts)
  15. Used B2F key (20pts)
  16. Used ventilation tower key (30pts)
  17. Obtained map (20pts)
  18. Obtained "Torn Memo" (10pts)
  19. Obtained "Ricky's notebook" (20pts)
  20. Obtained "Jean's Memo" (20pts)
  21. Obtained "Connector Manual" (10pts)
  22. Obtained "Warning" (10pts)
  23. Obtained "Old pamphlet" (10pts)
  24. Obtained "Raccoon Today" (10pts)
  25. Obtained "Daily Raccoon" (10pts)
  26. Obtained "Wonderful Life" (10pts)
  27. Obtained "Small notebook" (10pts)
  28. Obtained "Maintenance form" (10pts)
  29. Obtained "Company memo" (10pts)


  • Jim Chapman - A subway employee, he knows the subway areas, will have ? where all the items are, and will start with the Employee Area Key. 
  • Jean - A police officer who is found already dead at a barricaded stairwell on HARD and VERY HARD. A note left nearby suggests he committed suicide. The note also shows a combination he wrote, 0325, of which Kevin can use later at the Raccoon Police Station's East office to unlock Jean's drawer.
  • Amelia - A civilian hiding in the station. Amelia was attacked by an unknown creature and dragged into an air vent.
  • Ricky - A subway employee and a friend of Jim. He was bitten by a Mega Bite and died in the men's bathroom.


  • While playing as Jim, players will have an advantage as they will already have memorized the map, will remember the tutorial on how to open the train connector, can see the location of every item on it, and will begin the game with the staff room key (If playing Easy & Normal).
  • Sometimes when crawling into the ground vents, Jim can end up in an unconnected storeroom. This looks exactly like one in the water treatment plant under Raccoon University.
  • Jean will only appear in higher difficulty levels, and by reading his note, the player will get points as well the password for his desk in "desperate times" (that will also give the players points for unlocking it).
  • After defeating the Giga Bite and selecting the "Railway To Tomorrow" ending, if the player selects Jim or Mark as the player, and have the other as a partner, both will have a special ad-lib conversation with Jim asking "Aren't you scared, Mark?" to which Mark replies, "No. I'm just worried about my family.".



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