The Underground is a location in Resident Evil 6. It is the location explored in Chapter 1-3 of the Leon Story.


There is an auto-save checkpoint after the cutscene. There are rats in the area that can be killed and added to the Records. There are three wooden boxes at the end of the first area near the door. The door to the next area can be opened with the Solo Action button. After opening the door, there is an electrical current to the east that will damage the player when approached. Down the south end of the tunnel, there are a number of zombies. There will be a checkpoint, followed by an Action Event where both players will need to avoid a runaway train[notes 1] speeding down the tracks by hugging the walls. If either player fails to input the buttons in time, there will be cutscene where the player dies followed by a game over. A woman's screams can be heard in the distance. There is a small bonfire with three wooden boxes nearby. There are also three zombie dogs. Further south, there will be a checkpoint. A zombie can be found attacking a man. The man cannot be saved. Another train will come through, prompting the Action Event again. At the end of the tunnel is another electrical current which will also damage the player. Several zombies will be in the area. There is a Partner Action door to the east. The players will have to climb a platform using the Solo Action button to reach it.

In the next area, Leon and Helena's lights will malfunction. There are two zombies in the room at this time: one standing by the stairs and another on the ground next to a wooden box. Another zombie will approach from behind, along with any remaining zombies from the previous area. The lights will function again. At the bottom of the stairs are two more wooden boxes. There is a checkpoint here. The door to the next area can be opened using the Solo Action button.

Immediately to the player's right upon entering the area is a Serpent Emblem underneath the train. Breaking it unlocks the "Field Operations Support" file.[1] In this area, there are two tracks instead of one. There is another electrical current blocking the path to the north. To the south, several zombies will appear. Shortly thereafter another train will speed through the area. There will not be an Action Event for this train. The train will only run on the western track (the track opposite the Serpent Emblem from earlier). A cutscene will play within 15m of the train showing its power short out. A zombie will spawn out of a nearby crawlspace. On the platform, the door to the train can be investigated using the Solo Action button. The door is locked. A scene will trigger overlooking the top of the train. Now a Partner Action jump can be performed at the front of the train. As Leon, the player has to wait on the outside of the train. As Helena, the player can drop down inside of the train using the Solo Action button. There is one active zombie inside. The player will need to unlock the door to reunite with their partner. As Leon in Single Player mode, the zombie will not activate for Helena. Instead, it will attack Leon when the player enters the car.

Once inside, a scream can be heard. There is a Partner Action door at the end of the car.[notes 2] For each of these doors, Leon will open them and Helena will automatically aim her gun for a few seconds once they are open. In the next car, the sound of heavy footsteps, shifting metal, and zombie groans can be heard. There is another Partner Action door. The following car has three zombies. A fourth will come in from the previous car. There is one last Partner Action door, which Leon and Helena will kick open together. There is an opening in the final car leading back to the tracks. The player can drop down using the Solo Action button. After dropping down, there is no way to get back onto the train.

There are two zombies outside of the train. Heading east, there is a platform that the player can climb using the Solo Action button. There are three wooden boxes along on the platform. At the exit is a shutter[notes 3] that can be investigated using the Solo Action button. The shutter will jolt forward, sending the player backward. There will be a checkpoint. Immediately after, a passenger on the train will beg to be let out. The entrance to the car can be opened using the Partner Action button. Once out, the woman will run to the shutter and open it. A group of zombies will kill her and then attack the players. Two more zombies will approach from the west. At the top of the stairs are two wooden crates and a zombie. Hannigan will contact Leon and Helena regarding the outbreak. The players can go through the gate or jump over the railing using the Solo Action button. There is a Partner Action door at the exit.

Chapter 1-4 begins on the city streets.


Further notes

  • This is the first location in the game to feature the Zombie Dog C.
  • The horns on the trains can be heard as they approach. They will also run over any enemies left in the area. In addition, enemies can be lured toward the trains to maximize the amount of kills.
  • This is the first location in the game where zombies are able to projectile vomit and carry explosive objects.
  • When unlocking the train car door, Helena uses an animation to suggest that she has a key. However, no key is obtained from inside of the car.



  1. The Official Complete Guide calls this the "train" (電車 densha?).
  2. The Official Complete Guide refers to this as the "car" (specifically on a train) (車内 shanai?).
  3. The Official Complete Guide refers to this as the "shutter" (シャッター shattā?).
  1. Osada (ed.), Official Complete Guide, pp.090, 388.
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