The Underground Confinement Room (地下監禁室 Chika kankin-shitsu?) is an underground area of the courtyard.


Multiple candles are placed either on the floor or on the table which brightens up the place. A collection of various kind of dolls are put on top of a cabin, though all of them are faded and worn out. Further in, the path leads to an underground water passage heading toward another room that's composed of a bed, bookshelf, mirror and a picture. There's a ladder located on the wall, which head straight up into a separated path; going to the left will lead to another ladder going up toward the Cabin, going to the right will lead to a dead end.


From the Labyrinth tunnel, player will stumble into a room full of dolls and candles. Go further in toward the underground water passage where multiple Adders will slither around. After reaching the far side, player will come into a room composed of a bed, mirror and other furniture. Player can find a Jewelry Box containing a Stone Ring. The ladder lead to a separate path; player can find Red and Blue herbs by going toward the dead-end (Right), player can find another ladder going up all the way back to the Cabin (Left).


Location Localization Original script
Fireplace The fire has fire out, but it shows signs of use.
Dolls A huge collection of various kinds of dolls. They're all faded and worn.
The desk The desk is cluttered with old, beat-up dolls and used candles.
Bed The bed is still warm.




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