Underground Garden is a cutscene in Chapter 4 of Resident Evil 5.


Chris and Sheva arrive at the Garden of the Sun, an ancient Ndipaya site. There, they discover evidence of both Umbrella and Tricell activity in the area.


Chris Redfield: "What is this place?"

Sheva Alomar: "How can these survive underground?"

Chris: "These are no ordinary flowers."

Chris: "Wait..."

Chris: "Umbrella..."

Sheva: "What? What was Umbrella doing here?"

Chris: "I don't know. It doesn't look like anyone's been around for a while."

Sheva: "You can be sure they wanted to keep this place a secret."

Chris: "Some of this equipment's got the Tricell logo on it. Are they working together?"

Chris Redfield: 「何だここは?」

Sheva Alomar: 「こんな所が地下にあるなんて…」

Chris: 「見た事もない花だな……」

Sheva: 「そっ?」
「どうして アンブレラが?」

Chris: 「わからん」
「だが かなり昔のものだ」

Sheva: 「こんな所で 何の実験をしてたの…」

Chris: 「向こうにはトライセルか……」
「いったい どういう関係だ...?」



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