For the Resident Evil 2 remake location, see Pump Room (RE2 remake).

The Pump room (ポンプ室 ponpu-shitsu?) is an area of the NEST complex outside Raccoon City that is featured in Resident Evil 2.


The Pump room is a combination of upper platform through the B2F Maintenance Access, there's also a small lift used here going the platform below. The narrow passage heads to another small platform into the B2F Power Room, while the door at the far end goes to the B3F Incinerator Room.


The pump room can only be explored in scenario B, though it was shown in scenario A at the B5F monitor room as Claire radio in Leon, who was inside this room.

Immediately upon entry, there will be an item box ahead with a green herb nearby it. There's a movable crate at the top platform, player can move it into the small lift before transporting it down. Then, player can move the crate all the way toward the B2F Power Room passage where later it can step on to reach the door.

There is also body of a dead researcher holding a "P-Epsilon Gas Report" which can be read. Further from the body, the player can find a typewriter along with ink ribbon, shotgun shell (Leon) and Flame Rounds (Claire).


Location Localization Original script
Switch for the lift It's a switch for the lift. Will you push it? Yes/No
Door to the B2F Power Room (Locked) It's locked. The door is marked "Power Room".
Door to the B2F Power Room (With the key) You have used the P. Room Key.

This key is useless now. Discard? Yes/No




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