Underground Nightmare is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Chapter 1 of Leon Story.


As the two agents arrives at the underground, Leon ask Helena that she is "not a fan of sewers". But Helena tells him let's get to the cathedral, then she'll explains everything. In Leon's Flashbacks, President Adam Benford is going to tell them everything they know about the Raccoon City. He is giving the speech to Leon. Whatever the President decides, Leon is with him as valued their friendship. After concluding the flashbacks, Leon replies that It's gonna be a tough road.


Helena: "We should hurry."
Leon: "What's the matter? Not a fan of sewers?"
Helena: "Come on, let's just get to the cathedral, and then I'll tell you everything."

President Adam Benford: "I'm going to tell them everything."
"Everything we know about the Raccoon City Incident."
Leon: "But sir..."
President: "A lot of people are questioning my desire to reveal the truth."
"I know where they've coming from."
"It might create more problems than it solves."
"A lesson I learned well in the military, Bio-organic weapons are a global threat and we are partly to blame. We have to come clean and start working with the rest of the world... if we want to have any chance of fighting this."
Leon: "Whatever you decide, sir, I'm with you."
President: "I've always valued your friendship, Leon."
"It's time we take responsibility and end this mess."

Leon: "It's gonna be a tough road."

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