The underground ventilation room (地下換気室?)[1] was a room in the Military Training Center on Rockfort Island




Location Localization Original script
Sign "Caution: Breaker may fail due to overload. In case of failure, raise the lever as illustrated. The ventilation device will resume operation."
Machinery "It's a machine used for ventilation. It seems to have been in use for a long time."
Gate "Over the grid, there's an indigo blue card reader."
Machinery "Gas for the freezing device is leaking out. The ventilation device is working."
Breaker It's a breaker for the ventilation device. It is currently set to the ON position.
Card Reader (with the Emblem Card) A card reader, indigo blue in color. It's electronically locked. Use the Emblem Card? >Yes/No
Breaker It's a breaker for the ventilation device. Raise the lever? >Yes No
Machinery The pipe is broken. The gas must have leaked from here.




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