Unfortunate Event is a cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This cutscene will play after the last FMV cutscene and before the Staffs & Credits.


And now we have a rather unfortunate turn of events. It seems that the President and the Federal Council have passed judgement over the civilians of Raccoon City. The President and Federal Council have ruled that the Bacillus Terminate operation... is the best course of action for this extreme situation and have since... executed it. Based on that fact, Raccoon City has been literally wiped off the map. Current reports have the death toll surpassing the 100,000 mark. Our hearts go out to those poor civilians... of Raccoon City.

致命的なウィルス汚染によって市民の生存を絶望的とみた大統領と連邦会議は 軍による滅菌作戦を実行に移しました。
この作戦によりラクーンシティは地上から消え去り、 事件の犠牲者はおよそ10万人に達すると予想されます…… 

I have very sad news to tell you.
The survival of the citizens by the fatal viral contamination was seen as hopeless by Congress and the President, and the military is putting a sterilization operation into practice.
Raccoon City is expected to disappear from the face of the earth through this strategy; the victims of the incident are expected to reach approximately 100,000 people......


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