ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)

These unnamed Spanish researchers, presumed to be Umbrella Europe branch researchers, working now in the Raccoon City Underground facility. They know William Birkin, and during a coffee break, they talk about him. That conversation got "leaked" to the internet. They talked about Birkin's suspension, and also of his advances in B.O.W research, such as the "Project G " and the "NET-B parasite ". Their converstion was, obviously in Spanish.


  • Birkin esta un poco raro ultimamente, lo noto distraído.

  • Por su trabajo?

  • No, está centrado como siempre cuando se trata de la investigación, lo que digo.. no lo sé, le noto ausente cuando hablo con el.

  • De hecho, el otro día lo observe mientras hablaba por teléfono, parecia muy nervioso, solo contestaba "si o no".

  • mhh al parecer está muy cerca de conseguir un avance en el 'Project G', quiza le afecte la presión. Como sabes, la compañía tiene depositadas grandes esperanzas en el.

  • Bueno, mhhh, realmente no me ha caído demasiado bien, pero nadie puede renegar que es un genio

  • Si, esta claro que después del Project G y el NE-B parasite está llamado a hacer grandes cosas. Deberías hechar un vistazo al material del Parasite.

  • No se me permite ni acercarme. Creo que esa es la causa de su extraño comportamiento. Esta apunto de conseguir algo y probablemente no quiere que nadie le descubra y le quite el merito.

  • Si, talvez. Pero creo que le tendría que tenerle controlado; algo esta pasando por alli, aunque de todas formas, no pienzo decir nada.

  • Birkin is a little weird lately, I notice him out of his mind.

  • Because of his work?

  • No, he's focused as always as long is about research, but I mean, I don't know, it is like as he wasn't here when I talk to him.

  • To be honest, the other day I watched him while he was talking on the phone, he looked really nervous, he only answered YES or NO.

  • Mhh, well it seems like he's about to get advances with the Project G, perhaps the pressure is getting to him. As you know, the Company has great hopes for him.

  • Well, mmh... I don't really like him, but nobody can argue that he's a genius.

  • Yeah, after completing the Project G and the NET-B Parasite, he has been called to do greater things. You should have a look at the Parasite information.

  • I am not even allowed to go there. I think that's the reason for his weird behavior. He is about to find something, and, he doesn't want to be found out what he was up to, and have his merit taken away.

  • Yes, maybe. But someone should monitor on him, something big is going to happen down there, anywho, I don't even think to say a word.

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