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The United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) is an American research group subordinate to the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command. During the War on Terror it was responsible for the US military's fight against viral weaponry.


The first known instance of USAMRIID activity was in 2005, when they began investigating an apparent riot in Harvardville International Airport, wherein the rioters displayed symptoms of Cannibal Disease, a disease caused by any number of retroviruses which causes mutations as well as brain damage and hormonal instability resulting in cannibalistic and homicidal tendencies in the infected. The investigation quickly determined t-Virus was present, and under Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol No.7600 had the airport locked down and asymptomatic occupants of the airport were forced to undergo immediate vaccine therapy.[1] Sometime around 2016, USAMRIID began investigating a series of sporadic cannibalistic homicides with no other similarities between them, sometimes committed in public. They soon determined a retrovirus was responsible, later dubbed A-Virus, and began working with universities across the world via the UN. This multi-lab development led to success at the Alexander Institute of Biotechnology in creating a prototype vaccine for the virus, though it soon became clear the organisation responsible had access to UN materials. Consequently, the university lab was attacked, and New York was ravaged by an outbreak of A-Virus, mutating thousands.[2]

At some point over two decades into the War on Terror, USAMRIID received a sample of a retrovirus discovered in Alaska, which had spread Cannibal Disease amongst the research team, leading to the US military destroying the base, likely in a thermobaric missile strike. Soon after obtaining the virus, an outbreak occurred and infected personnel themselves mutated. The researchers were gunned down, but had sufficiently mutated that the wounds were not fatal, and spread the virus to a Maryland hospital after waking up in the morgue, ultimately unleashing a global pandemic.[3]


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