Unlock Gauntlets & Medallions is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Readable at the Vestibule's book by default.


Unlock Gauntlets & Medallions

If you meet the right conditions when clearing a mission, you will earn a medallion. There are five types of medallions in all, and you can earn up to five of them per mission.

Unlocking Gauntlets

Medallions are needed to unlock new Gauntlets. The Gauntlet list on the deployment screen shows the number of Medallions needed to unlock Gauntlets.

Medallion Types

1 Clear Medallion
Erned when you clear a mission.
2 Challenge Medallion
Earned by clearing a mission at or below the recommended level.
3 No Herb Medallion
Earned when you clear a mission without using herbs.
4 Genocide Medallion
Earned if you defeat all enemies within a mission.
5 Complete Medallion
The hardest medallion to earn. You must earn all of the other medallion types at the same time to get this one.

Earning Medallions

You can earn the Clear Medallion just by clearing the mission. If you are low on medallions, the fastest way to earn more is to play missions you haven't cleared yet.

If you've already earned all of the Clear Medallions and you still need more, try earning the No Herb Medallions or Genocide Medallions with high-level characters.

If you want to earn even more Medallions, you'll have to go for the Completion Medallions which require a high level of skill to earn. You have to use a character whose level is at or lower than the recommended level and defeat all enemies without using herbs.

This makes even easy, early missions seem difficult.

You can make things easier by upgrading your weapons and skills, since these don't affect your character leve. If you are still having a hard time, take a break and try another mission.

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