Unlockable Items can be found on Resident Evil.net for use on the website or in Resident Evil 6.

Game Items

EX2 and EX3 Costumes

See main article, Unlockable costumes in Resident Evil 6.

There are two sets of extra costumes that can be unlocked on Resident Evil.net for use in The Mercenaries. The EX2 costumes are color variations of the original extra costumes that can be unlocked during gameplay. Each of these costumes can be unlocked for 60,000 RE Points each. The EX3 costumes use blocky models meant to replicate character models from the original Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. These costumes are unlocked for one ticket each. Tickets are only awarded by participating in site events.

The Art Director's Notebook

See main article, The Art Director's Notebook

There are a number of files that can be unlocked that feature production sketches and commentary from the art director of Resident Evil 6. Among these sketches are monster designs and menu and storyboard concepts. Each file can be unlocked for 500 RE Points each and can only be accessed online.

Web Items


See main article, Resident Evil 6 Icons on RE.NET.

A series of icons for use on Resident Evil.net can be unlocked. Personal images cannot be uploaded to the site, meaning that icons found on-site need to be used instead. Some can be used once joining the site while others must be unlocked by meeting on-site and in-game requirements and/or purchased using 1,000 RE Points each.

Diorama Figures and Stages

See main article, Dioramas.

Each profile on the website features a virtual diorama that can be updated. The "stage" can be changed to feature locations from games supported on the site, such as Lanshiang and the Edonia Republic. Each stage costs 1,500 RE Points. Diorama "figures" consisting of playable characters, enemies and bosses, and environmental objects can be placed on the stages in order to create a scene. These figures cost between 1,000 and 3,000 RE Points each.


See main article, Resident Evil 6 Wallpapers on RE.NET.

A series of wallpapers that can be used on the background of the site. Once activated, they will be seen by others when on the individual's profile page. Each wallpaper can unlocked for 1,000 RE Points.

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