The original PlayStation version and GameCube version of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis featured five costumes which were unlocked in the boutique after completion of the game. The PC version allowed the costumes to be accessed from the start, as well as adding another two costumes to the game. The Dreamcast version also allowed costumes to be chosen from the start and included the blue and black outfit from the PC, as well as a blue casual outfit instead of the black casual outfit.

List of games

Costume Contents Platform
Normal Casual The default costume that Jill wears throughout the game. Blue tube top
Dark grey/black skirt
Brown boots
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rider Bike Rider: Black leather suit
Red belt
Yes Yes Yes Yes
BIO1 S.T.A.R.S. uniform, blue shirt with shoulder pads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dancer White disco suit Yes Yes Yes Yes
Police Police Officer: Blue police shirt
Dark blue shorts
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dino Costume based on Dino Crisis' Regina Yes Yes Yes Yes
RED (Blue & Black) Blue blouse
Black pants
No No Yes Yes
GI (Blue Casual)
Blue tank top
Blue skirt
Brown boots
No No No Yes
GI (Black Casual)
Black halter top
Dark blue skirt
Black boots
No No Yes No

Further notes

  • Jill's "Disco" suit is in reference to the film Saturday Night Fever.
  • Jill's "Dino" suit is based on Regina's costume from Dino Crisis.


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