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This unnamed factory was a facility used by Umbrella USA, and was located in the mountainous parts of Arklay County. The facility's current status is unknown, and it may have been destroyed when the adjacent treatment plant was destroyed.


The factory appears to have been constructed some time before 1988, and provided transportation to the Umbrella Executive Training Center through an underground limestone cavern. The facility was underutilised, and by 1998, its infrastructure had seriously deteriorated. The B4 level's train tunnel had totally collapsed, and the turntable itself suffered corrosion to the point of being unable to use. Nonetheless, the factory was re-used for a time during the project to re-open the training center. The T-001 Tyrant prototype was put in storage in this facility, ahead of its disposal, placed within a laboratory somewhere on the other side of the collapsed tunnel. From here in July, Drs. William Birkin and Albert Wesker oversaw the exploratory efforts within the training facility via a CCTV link. That facility, the factory, the treatment plant and a company train were all attacked by the Queen Leech and the area overrun with Zombies and escaped B.O.W.s, persuading Dr. Birkin to begin preparations to blow up all three complexes to contain the outbreak. During these plans, the T-001 Tyrant also made its escape and attacked S.T.A.R.S. officer Rebecca Chambers, as well as Dr. Wesker on a separate occasion. In the early hours of 24 July the facility was destroyed.


The factory's top level and B4 were very similar to the NEST, located some eight miles south in Raccoon City's industrial zone. However, there were subtle differences in design, such as the presence of an underground railway on level B4.

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A translation error in the Panel room's examine text implies this is a "construction site". However, the description in Japanese refers to it as a "factory" (工場 Kōjō?).


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