An unknown individual was used as bait for the undead by the Umbrella Corporation in 2012.


This individual is briefly seen chained to the rear of the second tank led by a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs. In much the same capacity as the woman led by Isaacs' tank, this person served as bait for the ravenous zombie horde following closely behind, which the doctor hoped to use as a weapon to destroy an enclave of survivors hidden in Raccoon City.

Who this person was or how they ended up in the custody of the Umbrella Corporation is uncertain; however, when the tank leading them was hit by an explosive barrel launched as part of the battle against the survivors, this person vanishes. It is very likely that they were killed either by the explosion, the crash of the burned-out tank or the pursuing undead.

Behind the scenes

This individual, who appears in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, is unnamed and is not mentioned in the credits of the film or by any of the characters. When Isaacs signals his subordinate to "release the bait" moments after the destruction of the tank this man is chained to, only the emaciated woman is seen fleeing. It may be that no one survived the impact of the explosive to release the captive, that he had somehow escaped or that he was already dead. In any case, he is never seen again.


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