An unnamed Umbrella commander served as a high-ranking member in a mission led by a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs to return Alice to Raccoon City


This commander served aboard Dr. Isaacs' tank during his expedition to the ruins of Washington, D.C. and his subsequent return to Raccoon City. Two of the commanders' subordinates were killed by Alice while she was briefly in their custody; after wounding the doctor, she escaped, despite the best efforts of the commander's compatriot, Chu. 

Some time later, this commander's tank and its companion led an assault against an enclave of survivors in Raccoon City. The other vehicle was destroyed and the one this man was aboard was forced to withdraw, a wounded Chu chained to the rear. 

In the absence of the doctor, this man assumed temporary command of the remaining tank. He received "strict" orders, possibly by Albert Wesker, to return to a different part of the city than the exposed entrance to the Hive.

Shortly thereafter, the tank stopped beneath the bridge heralding city limits and retrived an irate Isaacs. The doctor was greeted and escorted aboard by this man and Pike , who was directed to bring the doctor a cup of water. When ordered by the doctor to move the tank to the pit, the commander cited his earlier orders. Frustrated by his subordinate's refusal to defy orders from higher up, Isaacs drew his knife and stabbed the man several times. 

Behind the scenes

This officer appeared in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. He was labeled as "Commander #27" in the credits and was played by Dale Jackson .

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