An unnamed Umbrella operative served as part of a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs' detachment during his mission to retrieve Alice and return her to Raccoon City


This operative stood alongside the mad doctor and listened to him as he spoke of the Biblical flood and its relevance to Umbrella's ultimate mission; Alice, recently taken captive, trailed behind their tank, forced to run from a trailing zombie horde that followed closely behind. After Isaacs' rant, he assigned the operative to observe Alice and alert him when she was ready to divulge how she knew of the corporation's airborne anti-virus.

A short time later, the operative was momentarily distracted by the tank plowing through a few of the myriad vehicle wrecks littering the highway that was the tank's route. When he turned back, Alice seemed to have vanished. He moved forward to investigate; Alice leapt, having caught up to the tank, and managed to knock him off. The pursuing zombies quickly took hold of the man, though he managed to draw and fire his sidearm even as he screamed, warning his compatriots still in the tank as to Alice's escape. He was then consumed by the ravenous horde. 

Behind the scenes

The operative was portrayed by an unknown actor. Other crewmen aboard the tank had nametags, including Cardosa, the man who was sent to investigate the sounds of this operative's demise. However, this man did not have one, leaving him officially nameless.

List of appearances

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