An unnamed Umbrella operative served as part of a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs' detachment during his mission to retrieve Alice and return her to Raccoon City


This operative served as a crewman aboard the doctor's tank during his expedition to the ruins of Washington, D.C and return to Raccoon City.

Shortly thereafter, he participated in a skirmish against an enclave of survivors barricaded in the city alongside several other Umbrella troops. After the other tank was destroyed and the majority of the zombies immolated by the gasoline trap, Alice boarded this operative's tank and poured gasoline through an open hatch. Despite the panicked orders of Isaacs, she was able to light the gas with a flare and cause a conflagration within the hull.

A few moments later, this operative opened a hatch and emerged. He shouted a plea for mercy, begging Alice not to shoot, before drawing his own sidearm. Alice quickly shot the man, who slumped backwards and fell into the tank. His death bought time for his superior officer, Chu, to engage Alice in a fight, though he ultimately lost. 

Behind the scenes

This unnamed operative appeared briefly in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. He was played by an unknown actor.

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