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This unnamed crewman served as a spotter for Dr. Alexander Isaacs' mission to the ruins of Raccoon City in 2012.


The man, an employee of the Umbrella Corporation , was part of the crew piloting an advanced tank, one half of Isaacs' task force. The two vehicles led a horde of zombies numbering in the thousands from the wasteland of Washington, D.C. to Raccoon City. 

Alice, a rogue Umbrella operative, had previously been captured by this crewman's opposite numbers in the other tank, but she had escaped. Racing ahead, she warned a small enclave of survivors who hurriedly prepared for the arrival of the tanks and zombies.

In the opening moments of Isaacs' no-mercy assault on the survivors, a trebuchet constructed by Abigail launched a flaming barrel at the crewman's tank. It hit him and blasted through the open hatch from which he was observing the skirmish, ultimately destroying the vehicle and killing both the crewman and his compatriots. 

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