Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

This unnamed man was Umbrella Sewer Facility manager in Raccoon City.


He worked under William Birkin as Sewer Facility manager of the Umbrella USA. He possessed the Eagle Medal[1] and was also tasked with escorting Brian Irons to the meeting room.

Raccoon City IncidentEdit

Due Dr. Birkin purposely started to sabotage the Umbrella's facilities, which caused the t-Virus to slowly contaminate the city, in mid-July 1998, the manager noticed the strange behavior of his friend Don Weller and missed him when he left work, unaware that Don was infected.[2][3]

Later, between July 7 and August 16, 1998, he realized that Chief Irons was constantly visiting NEST and believed that his stress was due to Birkin's absurd requests. On one occasion while escorting Irons and noticing his grim mood, he attempted to joke with him but his humor failed to elicit a positive response, with Irons pulling out his firearm and threatening to shoot the manager.[2] Subsequently, at the end of August 1998, the manager received an order from Dr. Birkin to suspend all operations of the facilities due to the Raccoon Police Department having begun investigating Umbrella due to the Arklay Mountains incident and was instructed to continue to work monitoring the passage through the sewers, but with caution, otherwise he would be fired if someone found out.[2]

When Raccoon City was finally consumed by the viral outbreak, his body was found by survivors in the sewer control room.


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