Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"Heh, Sounds like my wife."
— The truck driver quips about the physical descriptions of zombie sightings near Raccoon City.

This unnamed truck driver was a male civilian who became a victim of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


When the United States Army and National Guard blockade of Raccoon City failed, civilians unaware of the t-Virus outbreak were able to drive through Arklay County unaware of its spread. While heading down a quiet and unguarded country road, he became distracted by dropping out of range of the local talk radio, and ran over an infected woman. He exited the vehicle to check on the woman. Believing her to be dead. He turned his back to her in disbelief, shocked and scared of what to come. He didn't see her revive from the accident and subsequently bit him. Returning to his truck to flee the attacker, he continued his route to Raccoon City. During the travel, he begins to lose consciousness at the wheel while entering the city, brought upon by his wounds. Finally succumbing, his slipping grip of the wheel jerks the truck into a traffic jammed street. The truck colliding with multiple vehicles as well as the Arklay County Sheriff's Department's cruiser that Leon and Claire occupied, before crashing through a street barricade that breached the tanker truck's hull and spilled fuel across the asphalt. He died in the subsequent explosion.

Further notesEdit

  • In the original Resident Evil 2, the truck driver was instead attacked at a gas station, and mutated into a zombie some time before the crash.
  • In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, he is African-American.
  • The truck he is driving appears to be a Peterbuilt.



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