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"Heh, Sounds like my wife."
— The truck driver quips about the physical descriptions of zombie sightings near Raccoon City.

This unnamed truck driver was a male civilian who became a victim of the Raccoon City outbreak.[1]


In September 1998, a modified ε strain of t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water, mutating tens of thousands. Despite the US Army and National Guard's blockade of the city, the virus spread out around Arklay County, and due to the classified military nature of the virus, public warnings were scarce and inaccurate. A collapse in the Army blockade then allowed unsuspecting people access in and out of the quarantine zone.

The truck driver going to Raccoon City Remake

The truck driver going to Raccoon City.

On the night of Tuesday 29 September, the truck driver drove his rig across the plains of Arklay County, totally unaware of the dangers around him. Accounts of what happened next differ. In one account, he was attacked and bitten by a man at a petrol station, who had tried to enter the cabin. In another account, his rig collided with a woman in the middle of the road, owing to being distracted by food, tiredness, and local talk radio. Investigating the body and mistaking the woman for dead, he was then attacked and bitten.

The gas truck explodes

The truck driver dies with the explosion of his vehicle.

Whichever the case, the truck driver was infected with a t-Virus strain and, unaware of the epidemic, continued driving into Raccoon City. Outwardly he began to suffer the painful effects of the bite wound, possibly including blood loss. Internally, the virus was mutating his body and altering his brain chemistry. Accounts differ as to how degraded the man was, mentally, as he drove into the centre of Raccoon City, but it is understood he lost the ability to control the rig and began driving erratically down a major street near Raccoon Police Station. Crashing the rig, the fuel in the tanker ignited, killing the man in a fiery explosion.

Further notes[]

  • In the original Resident Evil 2, the truck driver was instead attacked at a gas station, and mutated into a zombie some time before the crash.
    • His transformation into a zombie was notable for being one of the fastest in the series.
  • In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, he is African-American.
  • The truck he is driving appears to be a Peterbilt.



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